Another one of our heroes succeeds in sports! Recently, Oleh from Azov Battalion, who has undergone severe traumatic injury with the help of cell technologies, has mastered a new sport and received a sports award!

As Oleh wrote in the facebook: “Today, I did a good job in a new sport for me – the rowing and canoeing on an ergometer concept, given that the first time he sat down for this simulator only a few days ago. Congratulations to all other athletes with worthy performances)) I hope I will not less worthy perform in the shortlisting to # invictusgames2018 “.

Volunteer from “Azov” battalion Oleh joined the project “Biotech-rehabilitation of the injured” in November 2014. His diagnosis is a fracture of the shin, which was tried to treat by commonly used methods, but it did not unite for almost 4 months. A further course could lead to disability due to the lack of the support ability of the leg.

The necessary funds for the treatment of Oleh within the project (UAH 94 004) were collected by the  Center of Volunteers “People’s Project”. Treatment took place on the following chronology:

05.11.2014 the apparatus was reinstalled with the purpose of leveling the shin axis, a cellular material sampling was completed and its preparation began in the biolaboratory;
09.12.2014 the introduction of prepared autologous cell material into the fracture place was performed;
30.01.2015 after the X-ray image, which showed the successful formation of bone callus, there was a damping of the apparatus, and doctors recommended that the soldier begin to step on foot.
19.02.2015 the apparatus was removed from  the leg.

In the spring of that year, Oleh returned to full-fledged life. Then he repeatedly participated in the “Run under the Chestnuts” along with other cured soldiers of our project.

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