Successful recovery of the leg of the injured soldier of the 703rd engineers regiment Serhii is in progress! Last week he passed control examination at Medical Company ilaya.

6 months after the main operation, a remarkable recovery of bone tissue is well visible. In the summer Serhii was transplanted a bone unit inhabited with his cells in the place of an nonunited fracture – in order to treat an nonunited fracture and extension of the femur that was shortened 4 cm after the injury.

Now the soldier is prescribed a gradual load increase to the injured leg, and in about two months – the next review.

Serhii was injured in March 2015. He was treated in the hospitals of Kharkiv and Kiev, but after discharge, there were several problems with his leg: shortening, nonunited hip fracture and contracture of the tibia joint. In addition, due to damage to the nerve, the joint ceased to work, and the foot simply hung.

Assistance to Serhii within the project “Biotech-rehabilitation of the injured” was started in November 2016. In particular, the hero was mounted a apparatus on the leg for extraction, performed arthrodesis of the tibia and sampled the cellular material. After the formation of arthrodesis and bone extraction, the main stage was completed – in August 2017, the hero was performed a transplantation of the bone block and 3D gel inhabited by the cells of the soldier, to the place of the femoral defect and fixed this block with the plate.

All necessary for the treatment of Serhii funds in the amount of UAH 496 121 was raised by the Center of volunteers “People’s Project” thanks to contributions from concerned people and organizations from all over the world.

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