Intelligence man Yevhen has undergone another important stage of treatment. Last week, the hero performed operation to recover knee cruciate ligament using autoplasty from the widest thigh fascia. This operation is the most effective way to recover the lost due to the injury ligament, using own human tissues. After the operation, Yevhen was put a bandage on his leg, and on Saturday he went home. The next time he will arrive to the medical center in February, for stitches removal.

During the visit to the medical center, Yevhen conveyed convey compliments from his military commanders for the medical company ilaya and the Center of Volunteers “People’s Project”, where the Defenders of Ukraine expressed gratitude for the help to the seriously wounded soldiers.

Yevhen has the largest number of injuries of the locomotor apparatus among our soldiers. As of today, he has already completed several important stages, among which:

– treatment of the usual dislocation of the right shoulder with the help of Bristow surgery (joint restoration was recovered);
– recovery of the right forearm bones with the help of biotechnologies (the bones have fully fused);
– “Italian” soft tissue plastics of the left hand and preparation of the hand to the application of biotechnologies (a defect of soft tissues of the hand was replaced by a graft of tissues transplanted from the abdomen).
– recovery of the cruciate ligament of the right knee joint (recovery after a recent operation);

Ahead is the treatment of the fourth trauma of the soldier – the recovery of the defect of the bones and tendons of the left hand using cell technologies. UAH 755 474 for the treatment of Yevhen were collected by the  Center of Volunteers People’s Project .






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