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Yuriy, 28 years, Kirovograd

Upper arm gun-shot injury, humerus defect up to 12 cm

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Yuriy, 28 years, Kirovograd

Upper arm gun-shot injury, humerus defect up to 12 cm



Yuriy, 28 years, Ukrainian reconnaissance man injured outside Chervony Liman


Upper arm gun-shot injury, humerus defect up to 12 cm.

Treatment required

Plastic operative treatment – synthesis of continuity and humerus recovery after battle injury.

Cost of treatment

Cost of treatment (examinations, surgery, operative and postoperative support, medication): 217 030 UAH.

Medical Center discount: 30%

Special price: 151 921 UAH.

December, 2015, new cost of treatment 164 421 UAH.

The second stage of neurological treatment of injury of the spinal cord 130 100 UAH.
New cost of treatment: 297 521 UAH.

Patient detailed informationbez-imeni

Yuriy was injured during combat mission: with the purpose of carrying out of assailants checkpoints location reconnaissance Yuriy was landed from a helicopter into the forest. Soon he fell into an ambuscade – firing started, in result of which he got numerous injuries and lost a lot of blood. Fellow soldiers took Yuriy out the forest in a serious condition and referred by helicopter to Kharkov; subsequently he was transferred to Kyiv Military Hospital in Kyiv – just here he recovered himself.

Due to spine fragmentation Yuriy undergoes treatment for the last three months in Kyiv and cannot walk. In addition, as a result his liver was affected. Another serious injury is severe humerus damage, which can lead to loss of hand functioning and complications. This injury requires treatment using cellular technology – this method will help to restore promptly the bone and preserve hand.

Yuriy is a professional soldier, who spent 10 years of his life defending the homeland. Recently, he served in one of the Kirovograd military units under contract, from where was sent to ATO area. His family –two children, wife and parents – are waiting for him at home.

Second X-ray


3 months after basic surgery of Yurii doctors of medical center ilaya ascertain the complete fusion of the introduced cell material and the integrity of the humerus. New, second X-ray picture of fighter hand was made in May this year.

First X-ray


Doctors of medical center ilaya highly appreciate the regeneration of the humerus of Yurii after observation of X-ray pictures, made 1.5 months later after treatment. In particular, at these pictures there can be observed the integration of material with bone tissue of humerus fragments.

Postoperative period


Main stage of treatment


The principal humerus surgery was carried out on February 6. During the surgery doctors removed the rotational component, prepared the recipient bed and administered the autologous cell and tissue material in the form of a bone block fixed using an LCP plate. According to the doctors, if necessary, Yuri will undergo arthrodesis of the radial wrist joint over time.

Second surgery performed


Second surgery performed – fistula sequestnecrectomy of left humerus




Material collection


08.10.2014 underwent examination in medical centre ilaya, 09.10.2014 – material collection.

Diagnostic and preoperative preparation


From 10.10.2014 there is ongoing diagnostic and preoperative preparation. Surgery is scheduled for 19.11.2014.

08.10.2014 – examination

09.10.2014 – material collection

10.10.2014-18.11.2014 – diagnostic and preoperative preparation for surgery

09.12.2014 – surgery 2nd stage

01.2015 – surgery 3d stage

Chronology of treatment

4 Stage of neurologic treatment

February of 2018

Insertion of autologous neuronal cells

Plate removal

February of 2018

metallic plate was removed from the restored bone

Control checks

March of 2017

Yurii makes the first steps without support!

3 Stage of neurologic treatment

August of 2016

Insertion of autologous neuronal cells

2 Stage of neurologic treatment

March of 2016

Insertion of autologous neuronal cells

1 Stage of neurologic treatment

January of 2016

• cellular material sampling from the fat tissue and punch-biopsy
• insertion of allogenic cells

Control checks of an orthopedist

March of 2015 - March of 2017

Control checks and tests, observations over the results of the bone restoration

3 Stage of orthopedic treatment

February of 2015

Replacement of the humerus defect with the use of chips of osteoplastic material with autologous stem cells

2 Stage of orthopedic treatment

December of 2014

Removal of osteomyelitis of the humerus – removal of the dead bone tissue

1 Stage of orthopedic treatment

October of 2014

Cellular material sampling of the red bone marrow from the iliac wing and the fragment of periosteum of the calf-bone

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