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Total required 212271 UAH

Yurii, 25 years, Novovolynsk

wounded near Sloviansk (nonunion of the shin and splint bones)

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Yurii, 25 years, Novovolynsk

wounded near Sloviansk (nonunion of the shin and splint bones)



Yurii, 25 years, soldier of 51 separate mechanized brigade, wounded near Sloviansk


Consequences of explosive contusion wound of right lower leg, nonunion of the right shin and splint bones on the verge of middle and lower thirds with valgus and antercurvation deformation.

The course of trauma in case of nonuse of cellular technologies:

Almost a year has passed since the soldier got wounded, but the fusion of the lower leg bone still cannot be observed. In place of the fracture false joint is forming that disables the foot to have support ability .Cellular technologies will rapidly joint the fracture and save the guy from disability.

Required treatment

reconstructive and restorative treatment of the lower leg trauma in two stages that will quickly restore bone and foot function.

The cost of treatmentDSC_0200

Cost of treatment: UAH 427 910 
Medical Center Discount: 38.03%
Special Price: UAH 265 177

The list of manipulations that are part of the treatment:

Stage 1

  • Diagnostics and examination UAH 4055
  • Fragment of splint bone and marrow sampling UAH 14990
  • Extrafocal osteosynthesis of lower leg bones UAH 17300
  • Osteotomy of shin bone UAH 6200
  • Osteotomy of splint bone UAH 7200
  • Production of cell transplant UAH 52500
  • Medication support and hospital stay UAH 46,322

Stage 2

  • Transplantation of cells in the defect area UAH 13990
  • Medication support and hospital stay UAH 45,022

More about the patient

Yurii is a soldier of 51 separate mechanized brigade, but during ATO he was in 24 separate mechanized brigade. He was wounded last year on July 4 near Sloviansk – he went by truck to the rear to pick ammunition, but on the way there the vehicle was blown up by a bomb. Explosive shock fell to the cockpit; as a result foot and hand of the soldier were injured.

He was picked up on APC, administered first aid and sent to Izium, where he had his bones fixed. Then Iurii was transferred to the Kharkiv hospital, and later – to Vinnytsia, where the fracture treatment was performed. But the joint of fracture has not occurred yet. Organization of Soldiers’ Mothers of Novovolynsk handed soldier’s contacts to coordinator of the “Biotech-rehabilitation of wounded” project, and the doctors of Ilaya medical center are ready to perform a complex treatment and put the hero on his feet as soon as possible.

Yurii is a resident of Novovolynsk, where his parents and his girlfriend are waiting for him. Before the war he worked at the plant, and from May of the last year participated in ATO – right after the mobilization he performed combat missions in Sloviansk.

Let’s help to save Iurii from disability! A year on crutches has been depressing the guy who has all the best in life yet to come!

First X-ray


X-ray pictures taken in 1, 5 months after the operation using cellular technologies showed the process of fracture union. The soldier is still recovering at home; the next check-up examination will take part in January.

Postoperative care


Postoperative care in the medical centre

The main stage surgical treatment


Оn October 02, the introduction of cellular material in the form of 3D osteoprogenitorn chips to the area of ununited fracture was performed.



Examination, preparation for surgery

Surgery performed and cellular material collected


13.08.2015 the following surgeries performed (Stage 1):
– cellular material taking;
– extrafocal intraosseous osteosynthesis by Ilizarov.

Treatment was started


Examination, preparation for surgery

Chronology of treatment

Control checks

November of 2015 – July of 2016

control checks and tests, observations over the results of the bone restoration

Apparatus removal

March of 2016

Ilizarov apparatus removal, bandage setting

2 Stage of treatment

October of 2015

insertion of 3D-gel with chips of osteoplastic material and autologous stem cells in the place of the shin-bone fracture healing failure

1 Stage of treatment

August of 2015

• Cellular material sampling of the red bone marrow from the iliac wing and the fragment of periosteum of the calf-bone
• installation of Ilizarov apparatus

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