UAH donated 35 persons

Total required 56607 UAH

Yevgen, 38 years old, Sumy

injured near Schastia (arthrosis of talocalcanean joint )

Help, support...

Yevgen, 38 years old, Sumy

injured near Schastia (arthrosis of talocalcanean joint )


Left leg: consequences of an explosive injury, incorrect fusion of the heel bone fracture, arthrosis of talocalcanean joint with severe pain syndrome.

The course of an injury in case of treatment: Due to severe injury to the leg, even after fusion of the bone, the soldier is concerned about severe leg pain during loading. Therefore, he can not walk without a stick. In case of failure to perform treatment, possible complications will lead to loss of support ability of his leg.

Necessary treatment: arthrodesis of the ankle-joint joint using an external fixing device.

The cost of treatment with a discount of the medical center 39%: 56 607 UAH

Detailed cost of diagnosis and treatment:

  1. Examination – 6 013 UAH
  2. Anesthesia (with a discount of 5%) – 3 995 UAH
  3. Costs for material security: 6 837 UAH
  4. The total cost of reconstructive and rehabilitation treatment (with a discount of 40%) – 39 762 UAH
Stages: 1 stage 2 stage
Item of expenditure 7 days of in-patient treatment:
2.Preoperative preparation
3.Spinal anesthesia
5.Mounting of the apparatus.
3 days of in-patient treatment:
2.Preoperative preparation
3.Intravenous anesthesia
4.Dismantling of the apparatus;
5.Limb immobilization
Costs, UAH 47 528 8 939


More information about the injured soldier

Yevgen is a soldier from the 92nd Separate mechanized brigade who suffered a serious injury to his feet during a mortar shelling near Schaslyve of Lugansk region in August 2015. For six months he was treated in various hospitals. Then, in February 2015, after fusion of the fractures he was discharged.

Since that time one and a half year passed, but all this time, Yevgen can not walk without support on the stick because of severe pains in the ankle-joint. The one thing that he was offered in hospitals was “blockade”.

In search of help, the soldier approached the social project “Biotech-Rehabilitation of the injured”, where he was diagnosed with arthrosis of the talocalcanean joint because of injury.

In the case of Yevgen, due to a significant damage to the articular surfaces of the bones of the foot, the only thing that can now be applied is the arthrodesis of the ankle joint. This will recover the support ability, and with further self-development flexural movements in the foot will gradually be recovered by means of other foot joints. Volunteers and other indifferent residents of Sumy helped to raise funds for Yevgen’s treatment

Yevgen was born and raised in Sumy, where he now lives with his wife. Before the war he worked as an electric welder .Was mobilized in the summer of 2014, and performed combat missions in the ATO zone from August of the same year till August 2015, before the injury. During that time he went through Ilovaiskii kotel, Stanitsa Luganska. Triokhizbenka, Schastia.

Treatment within the project is the last hope of the hero to maximally recover his leg after injury and return to full-fledged life.

Chronology of treatment


May of 2018

Fighter actively developed leg and returned to normal life

2 Stage of treatment

February of 2018

Ilizarov apparatus removal, bandage deposition

1 Stage of treatment

October of 2018

Arthrodesis of the talocalcanean joint and mounted an apparatus on the leg

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