UAH donated 48 persons

Total required 87318 UAH

Volodymyr, 45 years old, Cherkasy region

injured in ATO (knee joint instability, rupture of the knee joint)

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Volodymyr, 45 years old, Cherkasy region

injured in ATO (knee joint instability, rupture of the knee joint)


Volodymyr, 45 years old, soldier of the 43rd Separate mechanized brigade, injured near Mariinka.


Left leg: knee joint instability, cruciate ligament rupture of the knee joint


Course of the injury in case of treatment: Due to damage to the cruciate ligament, the soldier is concerned with pain and swelling. His leg has no support ability, the soldier can not move without a stick. In case of further development, the problem will lead to joint arthritis.

Required treatment: reconstructive and rehabilitation treatment of the knee joint, which will help restore its function.

The cost of treatment with a discount of the medical center – 39%: 87 318 UAH

Detailed cost of diagnosis and treatment:

  1. Examination – 3 263 UAH
  2. Anesthesia (with a discount of 5%) – 3 349 UAH
  3. The total cost of reconstructive and rehabilitation treatment (with a discount of 40%) – 80 706 UAH


More about the injured:


Volodymyr is a soldier of the 45th separate motorized infantry battalion (consisting of the 43rd Separate mechanized brigade). He fulfilled combat missions on the front line – together with his blood brothers guarded self-propelled installations “Pion”. At the service, Volodymyr several times injured his knee joint when jumping in combat equipment. Initially, the hero did not pay much attention to knee pain, but in early March 2016, after falling during a regular fire, Volodymyr could no longer step on foot.

He referred to the hospital, located near the place of service, from where he was sent for hospitalization. In the hospital, the hero was removed the plate from the thigh on the injured leg (the plate was there since ancient times – after treatment of a hip fracture). But during the removal of the plate, the screw broke and its piece remained in the leg. Due to the presence of a screw in the bone, the soldier was not performed an MRI examination and was discharged. Subsequently, the soldier was diagnosed with deforming arthrosis and assigned an arthroscopic operation at his own expense, since such a problem is not considered to be a traumatic injury.

On the recommendation of friends Volodymyr referred for help to the medical center ilaya, where a cruciate ligament was discovered – an injury to which no one paid attention before due to imperfect examination. Doctors at the medical center are ready to help: first remove the screw and recover the ligament.  After that, it will be possible to perform an MRI examination and conclude whether further joint treatment is needed.

Volodymyr is a native of Zhashkivsky district of Cherkasy region. Before the war he worked at a brick factory, he was engaged in agriculture, and earlier he worked as a beekeeper at a local collective farm. He has a big family – his wife and seven children. Youngest is 11 years old, oldest – 21. Five of them are their own, while the other two are adopted children of the deceased brother of the soldier’s wife.

In June 2015, during the sixth wave of mobilization Volodymyr was summoned to the military enlistment office, where he was asked whether he would go to the front, or will refuse as a large-parent father. But Volodymyr did not refuse – he saw only few guys who wanted to fight among his countrymen and believed that though someone should be more determined and more courageous. And after passing the service in the ATO, he planned to get into the AFU under the contract.

Now he is demobilized. However, even now, when the hero is extremely tired of health problems and the reluctance of the state to help him, he seeks to resume his service and return to the East, and if he does not, simply serve in the Armed Forces of Ukraine. He believes that soldiers like him, with good experience of fighting, should not be left aside. After all, who, if not they can defend the country?

Let’s help the true hero and father to recover .Who, if not he, deserves our care?


Chronology of treatment


February of 2018

A soldier develops knee and returned to normal life

2nd Stage of treatment

November of 2017

Оperation to recover the anterior cruciate ligament by means of an autoplasty of the widest fascia of the thigh

1st Stage of treatment

October of 2017

Removal of the screw fracture, which lied in the femoral bone after the old injury

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