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Volodymyr, 44 years old, Poltava region

Injured near Gorlovka town (defects of both bones of the forearm 10 cm)

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Volodymyr, 44 years old, Poltava region

Injured near Gorlovka town (defects of both bones of the forearm 10 cm)



Volodymyr, 44 years old, soldier of the 25th Separate Dnipropetrovsk Airborne Brigade, injured near Gorlovka town.


Right hand, consequences of an explosive shrapnel wound:

  • Defects of both bones of the forearm 10 cm throughout the middle third,
  • Damage to the medial, median and elbow nerves,
  • Instability of the forearm bones,
  • Gunshot osteomyelitis.

Course of trauma in case of non-use of cell technologies: The soldier has significant defects of the forearm bones, which are practically impossible to qualitatively recover by means of generally accepted techniques. In addition, gunshot osteomyelitis can lead to an increase in bone defect, or even loss of the arm. But reconstructive and regenerative treatment with the use of cell technologies will help to overcome osteomyelitis, restore the integrity of the bones and maximize the functions of the hand.


Required treatment: reconstructive and regenerative treatment of bones trauma of the forearm with the use of biotechnologies.


The cost of treatment with the discount of the medical center -43%: 672 268 UAH


Detailed cost of diagnosis and treatment:

  1. Examination during the treatment (therapy, orthopedics, bioinsurance) – 16 896,5 UAH
  2. Sampling of the fibula bone and red marrow fragment (discount 40%) – 15 802.5 UAH
  3. Endothelial cells, 80 million cells (50% discount) – 63 525 UAH.
  4. Periosteal cells, 80 million cells (50% discount) – 63 525 UAH.
  5. MSCs, 200 million (50% discount) – 127 050 UAH.
  6. Bone blocks 5-10 cm and 12-14 cm, individual fabrication (discount 40%) – 36 600 UAH.
  7. Bone chips (discount 40%) – 12 600 UAH.
  8. Anesthesia (discount 15%) – 12 325 UAH
  9. Reconstructive-restorative treatment in hospital (40% discount) -323 944 UAH.

More information about the injured soldier

Volodymyr (callous “Taxi driver”) is a volunteer, a paratrooper from the 25th Separate Dnipropetrovsk Airborne Brigade. He was injured on March 6, 2017, during a combat task between the settlements of Gorlovka and Zaitseve. The 120-millimeter mine broke up along with the soldiers, and Volodymyr got a lot of shrapnel wounds throughout the body, which proved to be life-threatening. His face, thorax, abdominal cavity and arm have been the most affected.

After the stabilization of a soldier’s state in military hospitals, there was a question of recovery of his hand. The defects of the radial and elbow bones exceed 10 cm, in addition, there is a gunshot osteomyelitis, which continues to destroy the bone tissue. Now we need to stop this dangerous process as soon as possible, and then restore the bones by means of biotechnologies. Volunteers and journalists who are well aware of Volodymyr and sincerely care of his health referred for help to the project “Biotech-Rehabilitation of the injured”, and after examination at the medical center ilaya, the doctors have proposed a treatment scheme, which will help achieve the greatest results with such an injury.

Volodymyr was born and now lives in Kremenchug, Poltava region.  He has a family – his wife, a 20-year-old son and a 12-year-old daughter. Before the war, he worked at various places: taught choreography, led a group of rapid reaction in the security firm, and even was a taxi driver – where he got his callous. He went to the front voluntarily at the time of the ATO. Since May 2014 he has served in the battalion Dnipro-1 for about two years, and then switched to a contract with the Armed Forces of Ukraine – to the 25th brigade. During this time almost he passed all the hot spots in the East. He is very famous among Ukrainian soldiers of different units – as a devoted and courageous soldier.

Let’s help save the defender’s hand!


Costs for the treatment of Volodymyr in stages

08.2017 Preparation of cells and carriers 10.2017


14 days of treatment in a hospital, 2 operations:
1. Examination
2. Preoperative preparation
3. Regional anesthesia
4. Removal of the apparatus
5 .Wound examination
6. Cells sampling
7. Pre-surgery preparation,
8.Endotracheal anesthesia
9.Formation of a recipient bed,
10.Adaptive bone resection
11.Intraosseous extrafocal osteosynthesis.
Cells preparation:
1.Endothelial 80 million,
2. Periosteal 80 million,
3.MSCs 200 million,
4. Bone blocks 5-10 cm and 12-14 cm.
5.Bone chips.
14 days of treatment in a hospital:
1. Examination,
2.Preoperative preparation
3.Regional anesthesia
4 Removal of the apparatus
5.Formation of the recipient bed,
6. Cell-tissue material transplantation.
7.Osteosynthesis by means of plates .
7 days of treatment in a hospital:
1. Examination,
2.Preoperative preparation
3 Conductive anesthesia
4.Removal of the apparatus.

145 250

303 300 176 039

47 679


Chronology of treatment

1st Stage of treatment

August of 2017

• Cellular material sampling of the red bone marrow from the ilium and a fragment of the periosteum of the calf-bone
• preparation of the recipient bed, removal of dead cells of the bone
• apparatus was installed on the hand for gradual extraction of bone

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