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Vladyslav, 45 years old, Dnipropetrovsk

injured in the Donetsk airport (fracture of the humerus, defect of head shoulder)

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Vladyslav, 45 years old, Dnipropetrovsk

injured in the Donetsk airport (fracture of the humerus, defect of head shoulder)



Vladyslav, 45 years old, soldier of the 93th SMBr, injured in the Donetsk airportIMG_20150721_215444


Sequela of missile wound of the right shoulder: fragment of nonunion fracture of the right humerus during upper-middle third, with defect of head shoulder.

Course of injury in the case of cell technologies: a fighter practically did not have shoulder joint, without which the arm is non-functional. In this case, traditional medicine uses endoprosthesis of humerus, but this technique significantly restricts movements of the shoulder. Reconstruction of the bone using biotechnology will help recover most features hero’s hands and return to normal life.

Required treatment: reconstructive- restorative treatment of shoulder that will help restore soft tissue and bone, and return complete function.

Cost of treatment with a discount of the medical center 39%: 471 264 UAH

Detalization of costs for diagnosis and treatment:

  1. Examination andconsulting of specialists(orthopedics, bioinsurance) –14870 UAH
  2. Collection ofcellular material, manufacturing of 140 million of cells andcellcarrier (with 40% discount) -104 000
  3. Surgical treatmentof defects of bone andcartilaginous tissue(discount40%) -352 394

More information about the injured:

Vladyslav is a soldier of 93th SMBr.  He was wounded on June 12, 2015 near the village Opytne, located near the Donetsk airport. As a result of tank fire from separatists, arm and leg of the hero were injured – shell splinter hit his leg, and his shoulder was torn – miraculously his nerve was not injured, without it treatment of the soldier would be much more difficult.

Vladyslav was appllied tourniquet and splint left tire and he was evacuated to Krasnoarmiysk and then transported to Dnipropetrovsk, where he underwent four operations – doctors did plastic of soft tissues and placed external fixation apparatus. Now gypsum is put on the shoulder of Vladyslav.

Volunteers from Kryvyi Rig appealed to the coordinators of the social project “Biotech-Rehabilitation of Injured People” and the orthopedist  developed the treatment scheme which will  help the  soldier recover as soon as possible.

Vladislav ia s resident of Dnipropetrovsk, where his family is now waiting for him – his wife and 17-year-old daughter. Before the war, the man worked in IT – he was a system administrator. In February 2015 he was mobilized to the 93 SMBr, and since March he performed combat missions in the area of Donetsk airport. All the while he was defending Ukrainian land from attacks of militants of “Givi” and “Motorola”.

Let’s help the hero escape from disability together and come home sooner!

Chronology of treatment

3 Stage of treatment

August of 2016

replacement of the humerus defect of the black of osteoplastic material with autologous stem cells

2 Stage of treatment

March of 2016

preparation of the area of humerus defect replacement with the use of biotechnologies

1 Stage of treatment

January of 2016

Cellular material sampling of the red bone marrow from the iliac wing and the fragment of periosteum of the calf-bone

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