UAH donated 130 persons

Total required 219286 UAH

Viktor, 36 years, Rivne Region

gunshot multiply fracture of the right calcaneus

Help, support...

Viktor, 36 years, Rivne Region

gunshot multiply fracture of the right calcaneus



Viktor, 36, wounded at Luhansk


a gunshot multiply fracture of the right calcaneus

Treatment required

reconstructive regeneration of arm bone within series of surgeries.

Cost of treatment

Cost of treatment (examinations, surgery, operative and postoperative support, medication):  263 680  UAH.

Medical Center discount: 30%

Special price:   219286 UAH.

Patient detailed information

Viktor was wounded in circumstances of defense of Ukraine Army block-post. It happened in July 4. Ukrainian checkpoint was attacked by the tanks and infantry combat vehicles of militants. Ukrainian armed forces met a massive bombardment with firearms, canons, grenade launchers and rocket mortars. Due to this attack Victor has been wounded in both legs.

Thanks to the prompt emergency help, Viktor’s wounds were treated in time, the frag had been taken out, but because of heavy defects Viktor can move only with the crutches. Only application of cell technology can bring the previous quality of life to our hero. Experienced doctors of medical center ilaya are ready to perform the treatment.

Viktor was born in the large family in Rivne region. After graduating from school he was serving at Armed forces, and after return lived in Druhiv village with parents: helped them with the housework and land works. Before the war, Viktor planned to build a new house and start a business for wood processing. But to fulfil these dreams, Viktor need a health first of all!

Viktors and sister are waiting for him at home. In peacetime, man works in the field of agriculture as a tractor operator. Time will pass away and peace will return back to our land and we will do our best to bring back Ivan opportunity to walk across a peaceful land.

The final outcome foot


Final shot of the ATO soldier Victor ‘s foot who demonstrates the recovery of the calcaneus was received. Now Victor is still walking leaning on a stick, however, according to doctors, on another month he will be able to walk independently.

Cured ATO fighter Viktor started full life


Soldier begins to walk without crutches.

New X-ray picture


The condition of Viktor’s foot 5 months after main stage of treatment permits to load heel – such conclusion was made by doctors from medical center ilaya taking into account new X-ray picture, received after calcaneus correction.

Corrective surgery


There were done adaptive restored heel bone resection and removal of the apparatus. Plaster braces imposed

Adjusting device


The foot bred a new location

First X-ray


X-ray shows introduced cell-tissue material union with host bed surrounding bone tissue. In the nearest future Viktor will have device adjusted in order to bring the foot to physiological rest position and in 1.5 months undergo surgery to correct bone extended area and remove the screw.

Home recovery


A soldier went home to recover. He was prescribed for several control reviews in the coming months, during which the podiatrist will be monitoring his regeneration.

Basic operation


During basic operation, held on the 11/20/2014, for the treatment of the poli fragmants fracture of the right calcaneus and talus rear appendix the autologous cell-tissue material was used and the osteosynthesis by Ilizarov was made.

Preparing for surgery


The preparation for the surgery second stage was started, which is scheduled for 20.11.2014.

Initiation of treatment


10.10.2014 Viktor was examined and underwent surgical treatment first stage (material collection, preparatory resection and removal of debris).



Arrival to the medical centre ilaya, Victor’s examination

10.10.2014 – examination + surgery 1st stage (removal of debris, preparatory adaptation resection, VAC-therapy)

13.10.2014 – material collection

14.10.2014-30.10.2014 – diagnostic and preoperative preparation for surgery

20.11.2014 – surgery 2nd stage

21.11.2014-26.11.2014 – postoperative follow-up and care

27.11.2014-06.12.2014 – rehabilitation

7.12.2014 – follow-up visits

09.01.2015 — follow-up visits

06.02.2015 — follow-up visits

06.03.2015 — follow-up visits

08.04.2015 — follow-up visits

07.05.2015 — follow-up visits

08.06.2015 — follow-up visits

07.07.2015 — follow-up visits

07.08.2015 — follow-up visits

08.09.2015 — follow-up visits

Chronology of treatment

Cured ATO fighter Viktor started full life

June of 2015

Soldier begins to walk without crutches.

Control checks

January – June of 2015

control checks and observations, observations for the results of bone restoring

3rd Stage of treatment

March of 2015

• apparatus stripping, screw removal
• correction of bone increasing

2nd Stage of treatment

November of 2014

displacement of the calcaneus defect with the use of a block with osteoplastic material with autologous stem cells

1st Stage of treatment

October of 2014

• Cellular material sampling of the red bone marrow from the ilium and a fragment of the periosteum of the calf-bone
• removal of splinters

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