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Viktor, 34 years old, Kyiv region

injured near Sloviansk (tibia osteomyelitis with extensive purulent necrotic wound)

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Viktor, 34 years old, Kyiv region

injured near Sloviansk (tibia osteomyelitis with extensive purulent necrotic wound)



Viktor, 34 years old, soldier of consolidated demining squad, injured near Sloviansk


Left leg: tibia osteomyelitis with extensive purulent necrotic wound

The course of injury in the event of non-use of cellular technologies:

For one year soldier had underwent around 30 (!!!) surgeries in different hospitals. However, the healing is not occurred – contrary, due to osteomyelitis, bone defect increased significantly. Without cellular technologies at the best case soldier would wait for 2 years of treatment with traditional methods, and in worst – continued inflammation, which can lead to amputation. It is necessary for him to replace the defect and quickly heal the lower leg.

Necessary treatment

Reconstructive and restorative treatment of lower leg injury that will help to restore leg`s support ability.

Cost of treatment

Cost of treatment: 320 840 hrv
Medical center discount: 43,41%???????????????????????????????
Special price: 181 565 hrv

The list of expenses required for treatment:

1 stage of treatment

  • Dismounting of external fixation device   1500 hrv
  • Fistula sequestrectomia of tibia   11000 hrv
  • PCKO of shin bone 17300 hrv
  • Drug provision and hospital stay 71010 hrv

2 stage of treatment

  • Tibial osteotomy 7200 hrv
  • Revision of the wound, plastic of granulating wound 15500 hrv
  • Drug provision and hospital stay 18200 hrv

3 stage of treatment

  • Open comparison of bone fragments 11400 hrv
  • Fibula osteotomy 6200 hrv
  • Drug provision and hospital stay   18200 hrv

Detailed information about injured soldier

Viktor – soldier of consolidated demining squad. Injured on 5 July 2014 near Sloviansk. Then, immediately after liberation of city, Ukrainian troops were covered by separatist fire, resulting in collapsed building, where Viktor was with his swore brothers. A piece of rebar fell on his leg and caused a fracture.

Due to the fact that immediately after injury he did not get proper medical aid, festering process began leading to about 30 surgeries. Then doctors tried to restore small defect by means of conventional methods, but eventually they had to “clean” the area of injury again, and so several times. Moreover, soft tissue began to die at Voktor’s foot. With such problems soldier got to the Central clinical military hospital, where, except of hospital doctors, orthopedic traumatologist of medical center ilaya Volodymyr Oksymets joined the struggle for soldier’s health. Soldier underwent some surgeries, which became the first step of leg saving – doctors stopped the destruction of bone and prepared leg for bone restoration using biotechnology.

Viktor – professional soldier, officer, has been servicing in Ukrainian Armed Forces for 17 years. The soldier is from Kyiv region and his beloved wife is waiting for him at home. It is interesting that our hero is the candidate master of sports of volleyball. Viktor joined ATO on 16th April 2014. His main merit – participation in one of the first major operations in the East – liberation of Sloviansk.

Viktor is looking forward to return to the East – only there he can see his vocation, and feels very upset when mentioning that he lost a year due to the bone, instead of defending his homeland.

Now we must restore soldier’s health – we can determine the fate of hero!

Postoperative care


Postoperative care in the medical centre

The main stage surgical treatment


А soldier of the interservice team of mine clearing Viktor was performed an apposition of shin bone – after three month of elongation by Ilizarov apparatus.



Examination prior basic treatment stage

Postoperative care


Postoperative care in the medical centre

First stage of treatment


He had pins reinserted and a secondary suture applied last week. During next two months, Viktor will have his tibia gradually stretched with the help of an Ilizarov apparatus – 1 mm per day.

Treatment was started



Chronology of treatment


July of 2016

Discontinued plaster. A soldier returned to normal life.

Control checks

January – July of 2016

control checks and tests, observations over the results of the bone restoration

2 Stage of treatment

November of 2015

approximation of the parts of the shin-bone

1 Stage of treatment

August – September of 2015

• removal of the dead part of the bone
• plastics of soft tissues
• re-installation of apparatus
•redirection of needles with the purpose of dosing stretching of the shin-bone using the external fixation of Ilizarov

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