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Viktor, 24 years old, Dnipropetrovsk region

wounded near Zhdanivka (spinal marrow contusion, lower spastic paraparesis)

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Viktor, 24 years old, Dnipropetrovsk region

wounded near Zhdanivka (spinal marrow contusion, lower spastic paraparesis)



Viktor, 24 years, soldier of 25th separate Dnipropetrovsk airborne brigade, wounded on August 16, 2014 near Zhdanivka town (Donetsk region.).Без имени444


Severe spinal marrow contusion, lower spastic paraparesis, disruption of the pelvic organs functions.

Course of injury in the event of non-use of cellular technologies: During the 1.5 year the soldier can not recover from spine injure – during several months his condition remains unchanged. His feet barely work, he moves in a wheelchair. Cellular technologies will help restore marrow and return hero to normal life.

Required treatment: restoration of damaged nerve tissue using cellular technology.

Cost of treatment with Medical Center discount 22%: 132 004 UAH

Detailed  costs for diagnosis and treatment:

  1. Infectious blood screening – 2 200 UAH
  2. Consultation, cellular material sampling, anesthesia (40% discount) – 4304 UAH
  3. Autologous MSC from adipose tissue, 80 million (30% discount) – 80 500 UAH.
  4. Allogeneic MSC from adipose tissue, 40 million – 0 UAH.
  5. Lumbar injection of cellular material in several stages – 45 000 UAH.

More information about the wounded

Victor is a career officer, lieutenant of AFU. In 2013 he graduated from the National Academy of the Army named. After Petro Sahaidachnyi. He served for 25th separate Dnipropetrovsk airborne brigade (Dnipropetrovsk city) as a platoon leader and a company commander.

He carried out military tasks from the beginning of the war – from March 1, 2014. During six months of  participation  in ATO he passed lots of flash points in Eastern Ukraine. At the time of clearing stage of Zhdanivka village near the Ienakiievo town in Donetsk region he fell under mortar attack. He got a back gunshot wound. All body was excised by shrapnel , there were numerous broken bones and burns, but his thoracic spine was severely damaged.

“I was in surveillance patrol of brigade, or rather commanded this group. During surveillance behind the enemy lines, we trapped into an enemy checkpoint which was destroyed without a single loss on our part. Then we went further cleaning area and approached the bridge, which was mined. It was also safely defused. Near the bridge a sniper wounded my foot .His evacuation was immediate and we went on, but we trapped under mortar attack, where during the shellfire I was wounded “- recalls Victor.

The soldier born in Dnipropetrovsk, but now he and his wife live in Lviv. He was awarded with the Bogdan Khmelnitsky military medal of III level, “For the defense of the country” military medal, “For Military Valour ” medal for participation in the ATO

Let’s help the hero together!

Chronology of treatment

2 Stage of treatment

April of 2016

injection of autologous neural cells

1 Stage of treatment

March of 2016

• cellular material sampling from the fat tissue and punch-biopsy
• insertion of allogenic cells

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