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Total required 817868 UAH

Viktor, 21 years old, Kyiv region

injured near Donetsk airport (severe consequences thigh and lower leg injuries)

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Viktor, 21 years old, Kyiv region

injured near Donetsk airport (severe consequences thigh and lower leg injuries)



Viktor, 21 years old, volunteer of the 11th battalion “Kyiv Rus”, injured near Donetsk airport


Left leg osteomyelitis of the left femur with a defect up to 5 cm, nonunion fracture of the left tibia defect up to 10 cm

The course of injury in case of no application of cellular technologies:

Soldier has the defects of left hip and left lower leg, which can lead to disabilities through shortening and disruption of the limbs. Cellular technologies help to restore own bones and full functioning of leg.

Necessary treatment

Reconstructive and restorative treatment of hip and lower leg injuries in three stages, which will help to restore the support ability of leg.

Cost of treatment

Cost of treatment: 989 890 hrv
Medical center discount: 48,15%
Special price: 513 293 hrv

New price  (23.11.2015) 614 231 hrv11061671_926319944098978_7199677384301391803_o

The list of expenses required for treatment:
1 stage of treatment
Diagnostics and examination 4055 hrv
Sampling of fibula fragment and bone marrow  12000 hrv
Dismounting of external fixation device 1508 hrv
PCKO of hip 9700 hrv
Fistula sequestrectomia in the region of the hip 14000 hrv
PCKO of shin bones 17300 hrv
Plastic reconstruction of scars ulcerous defect 21500 hrv
Revision of the wound, plastic reconstruction of granulating wound 15500 hrv
Production of cell-tissue material 138000 hrv
Drug provision and hospital stay 71010 hrv

2 stage of treatment
Replacement of cell-tissue defect material 11000 hrv
Osteotomy of the fibula 6200 hrv
Osteosynthesis of proximal tibia by means of plate 22300 hrv

Drug provision and hospital stay 71010 hrv

3 stage of treatment
Replacement of defects by cell-tissue material 11000 hrv
Device correction 6200 hrv
Drug provision and hospital stay 71010 hrv

November, 2015, additional plastic operation on the leg in order to restore soft tissues – 100 938 UAH

Detailed information about injured soldier

Viktor –volunteer soldier of 11th battalion “Kyiv Rus”. Injured on 14th May 2015 near Donetsk airport, where near mine “Butovka” separatists fired on Ukrainian soldiers. Mine exploded near Victor, therefore fighter received numerous injuries of body left side, including traumatic amputation of hand and hip and shin fractures.

First aid to Viktor was provided by sworn brother from another division – VUC “Pravyi sektor”, after that he was sent to hospital. There doctors together with specialists form medical company ilaya performed several operations on soft tissues and in order to align the axis of the thigh and lower leg, but recovery of significant effect femoral and tibial bones require the use of biotechnology.


Viktor – is a citizen of Vyshgorod district (Kyiv region) and ardent patriot of Ukraine. Immediately after army service, in winter 2013 he joined the Revolution of dignity. Moreover, in summer 2014 he joined ATO and went to the East. In his words, he always wanted to take part in creating a new history of Ukraine.

He spent a year in АТО. He was among those soldiers who first entered the Slovyansk, Nikishuno and endured 5 months on the frontline without any rest. Already in hospital, Viktor received two awards – for fighting during the active phase of ATO and for courageous position defense this spring.

Now mother Oksana and 10 years old brother Maksym care about Viktor, that is why even in the hospital he feels family warm! However, he required doctors` skills and better treatment for recovery. And our hero is really worth it!

Apparatus removed


Нe had the apparatus on the leg dismounted and replaced with corset plaster bandage. Viktor really has to rest from the hospitals, in addition, thanks to the crunch now it is much easier for him to move.

Postoperative care


Postoperative care in the medical centre

Second stage of treatmen


Jn October 21 he underwent the rotation of the graft on the wounded tibia. The purpose of this operation was to cut the old graft which was transplanted before the project as there was a purulent process under it.




Postoperative care


Postoperative care in the medical centre

First treatment stage


Was discharged today after the first treatment stage – material sampling and resetting the device on the thigh/




Chronology of treatment

Extension of the femur

September-November of 2017

The soldier removed the plate from the femur, made osteotomy and installed the apparatus of Ilizarov for the gradual extension of the bone up to 3 cm

4 stage treatment

August of 2016

replacement of femur defect with the use of 3D-gel with chips of osteoplastic material and autologous stem cells

3 stage treatment

April-May of 2016

• osteosynthesis of femoral
• plastic fabric on the shin

2 Stage of treatment

December of 2015

• Deinstallation of the apparatus on the leg. Corset plaster bandage is set instead. The fighter came with a crutch.

1 Stage of treatment

September - October of 2015

• Cellular material sampling of the red bone marrow from the iliac wing and the fragment of periosteum of the calf-bone
• reinstallation of the apparatus on the thigh
• graft rotation on the injured shin

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