UAH donated 168 persons

Total required 559940 UAH

Valerii, 58 years old, Luhansk region

injured resident of Luhansk region (firearm defect of the humerus 10 cm)

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Valerii, 58 years old, Luhansk region

injured resident of Luhansk region (firearm defect of the humerus 10 cm)



Valerii, 58 years old, injured resident of Luhansk region


firearm defect of the right humerus up to 10 cm


Course of injury in the event of non-use of cellular technologies: Due to complications, the man might undergo amputation of the hand, and public health facilities are not ready to treat him. But skilled care and reconstructive treatment using cellular technology in the medical center ilaya help will keep his hand and maximize return of its functions.


Required treatment: reconstructive and restorative treatment of injured right humerus using biotechnologies.


Cost of treatment with Medical Center Discount -44%: 559 940.25 UAH


Itemized costs for diagnosis and treatment:
1.Examination during treatment (therapy, orthopedics, bioinsurance) – 8 254.5 UAH
2.Sampling of fibula fragment and red bone marrow (40% discount) – 15 802.5 UAH.
3.Endothelial cells, 80 million cells (50% discount) – 62 525 UAH.
4.Periosteal cells, 80 million (50% discount) – 62 525 UAH.
5.MSCs, 200 million (50% discount) – 127 050 UAH.
6.Bone block, 5-10 cm, custom-made (discount 40%) – 27 600 UAH.
7.Bone chips (40% discount) – 18 000 UAH.
8.Anesthesia (15% discount) – 13 600 UAH.
9.Reconstructive and restorative treatment in hospital (40% discount) – 224 583.25 UAH


More information about the injured:


Valerii is a resident of the border village Lantrativka (Troitsia district, Luhansk region). On May 5, 2017, he went into the woods behind the village for firewood. Suddenly he felt the shot, then he revived only in Troitska hospital. Person who made the shot with a shotgun – is unknown, but the man has two dangerous injuries – of abdomen and right hand.

Local surgeons remove the damaged part of the abdomen, overcast a seam. But what about the shoulder, nearly half of which was destroyed, no one knew. Therefore, the main orthopedic traumatologist of Luhansk region Ruslan Vereskun referred for help to the team of his old friend and  colleague Volodymyr Oksymets. Doctors of Medical Center laya Valerii was performed emergency operation to overcome difficulties. Then they will start the restoration of the humerus using cellular technology.

Valerii is an ordinary farmer, pensioner, his family hardly makes ends meet. All his life he lived in the village Lantrativka where formerly he worked as a farm machinery operator. He lives with his wife, two sons and grandchildren in the same village. After Valerii’s injury, his eldest was stressed because of which he started to have health problems.

Let’s help save the health for common man!

Chronology of treatment

2 Stage of treatment

May of 2018

eplacement of the defect of the bone with the use of bone block with the chips of osteoplastic material and autologous stem cells

1st Stage of treatment

Juiy of 2017

• Cellular material sampling of the red bone marrow from the ilium and a fragment of the periosteum of the calf-bone
• preparation of the recipient bed, removal of dead cells of the bone
• apparatus was installed on the hand for gradual extraction of bone

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