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Valerii, 52 years old, Kryvyi Rih

injured near the village Novogorodske (false joint and shortening of the tibia)

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Valerii, 52 years old, Kryvyi Rih

injured near the village Novogorodske (false joint and shortening of the tibia)


Valerii, 52 years, mobilized soldier from the 24th Aidar battalion, injured near the village Novogorodske, Donetsk region.


Consequences of a firearm wound of the left shin. False joint of the left tibia in the middle third. Shortening to 2.5 cm.

Course injury in case of non-treatment: Within one and a half years after the end of treatment, the tibia was not fused. Fusion is impossible due to the formation of a false joint. In addition, the leg of the soldier is shortened. If not treat Valerii – he will remain disabled, and due to uneven loading on his legs – soon he will have problems with the spine.


Required treatment: reconstructive and rehabilitation treatment of the left tibia.Фартушный фото


The cost of treatment with a medical center discount -27 %: UAH 90 293.75


Detailed cost of diagnosis and treatment:

  1. Examination during treatment (therapy, orthopedics) – UAH 2 935
  2. Anesthesia (15% discount) – UAH 4 833.95
  3. Reconstructive and rehabilitation in the hospital, 10 days, 2 operations (discount 34%) – UAH 62 455.8
  4. Operational and medical supplies – UAH 17 869
  5. Meal, 10 days – UAH 2 200


More information about the injured soldier


Valery was mobilized for service to the Armed Forces of Ukraine during the sixth mobilization wave on 19.10.2015. He became a part of the 24th separate assault battalion Aidar.

He was seriously injured on 07.12.2015 near the town. Novgorodske, Donetsk region, near the position of the platoon point “Mazepa” – during the change of posts the separatists performed a strong shelling from small arms. He received a firearm fracture of the middle third of the left shin.

After giving first medical care on the site of Valerii was taken to the hospital in the town of Dzerzhynsk, where a rod apparatus was mounted on his leg. Then, for further treatment, the soldier was taken to the city of Dnipro, and later a transport aircraft was taken him to the Odessa hospital. There, Valerii was performed several operations on his leg, including the removal of the rod apparatus, the installation of Ilizarov’s apparatus. After six months, the apparatus was removed and intramedullary nail on the Chm screws was installed, which is still there to this day. However, within one and a half years the fusion of the tibia did not occur, and a false joint was formed in the place of injury. Also, the leg was shortened by 2.5 cm. In this condition Odessa volunteer Olga Dombrovska sent hero to the project ” Biotech-rehabilitation of the Injured”.

Valerii lives in Kryvyi Rih. He is married, has two adult children. In peace time, he worked as a carpenter. She is fond of hiking in nature and constantly goes for walks – even after an injury, on crutches. Has an interesting hobby: he is practicing Qigong for the fourth year – work with the staff according to A. Levshynov. He is also fond of spiritual practices – he studies Volodymyr Zhykarentsev, Vadym Zeland, Concordia Antarov and Eckhart Tolle.

Let’s help the defender quickly return to a full-fledged life!

Stages Stage 1 Stage 2
Cost items 7 days of inpatient treatment:1Examination,2 Preoperative preparation
3 Spinal anesthesia
4 Removal of intramedullary nail
5 Osteotomy of the tibia and tibia
6 ПЧКО of the shin
3 days of in-patient treatment:1 Examination,
2 Preoperative preparation
3 Intravenous anesthesia
4 Apparatus removal;
5 Extremity immobilization
Costs, UAH 84 481.75 5,812

Chronology of treatment

Stage 1

March of 2018

• Removal of intramedullary nail
• Osteotomy of the tibia and tibia
• ПЧКО of the shin

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