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Total required 179363 UAH

Valerii, 42 years, Kirovograd

wounded in Ilovaisk (Improperly spliced fractures of the forearm)

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Valerii, 42 years, Kirovograd

wounded in Ilovaisk (Improperly spliced fractures of the forearm)



Valerii, 42 years, a soldier of 3 separate special forces regiment, wounded in Ilovaisk.


Consequences of explosive shrapnel wound of right forearm. Improperly spliced fractures of the distal third of the right forearm from elbow deformity. Scar combined contracture of the right combination radiocarpal joint and fingers.

The course of injury in the event of nonuse of treatment:

For 10 months of treatment with traditional methods, bone splicing process took a long time. Currently forearm is deformed, significantly affected functions of fingers and carpal joint that does not allow a man to use a hand.

Required treatment

reconstructive and restorative treatment of forearm trauma in two stages that will help to align his forearm and to restore function hands to the possible extend.

The cost of treatment

Cost of treatment: UAH 308 315
Medical Center Discount: 41.82%IMG_20140804_081719
Special Price: UAH 179 363


The list of manipulations that are part of the treatment:

Stage 1

  • Diagnostics and examination UAH 4055
  • Osteotomy of radial bone UAH 10 190
  • Osteotomy of ulnar bone UAH 7200
  • Osteosynthesis by plate of radial bone UAH 22,282
  • Osteosynthesis by plate of ulnar bone UAH 22 282
  • Immobilization of limb by plaster cast UAH 1400
  • Hospital stay and medication support UAH 45 782

Stage 2 surgeries

  • Tenolysis of flexor tendons 18 990 UAH
  • Immobilization of limb by plaster cast 1400 UAH
  • Hospital stay and medication support 45 782 UAH

More about the patient

Valerii is a soldier of 3 separate Special Forces regiment (Kirovograd). He was wounded on August 29 of last year, while he was exiting the infamous “Ilovaisk trap”. Then the soldiers got the instruction command to go for a breakthrough – for such purpose it was necessary to perform a mop-up operation in the village of Krasnosilske. During combat operations Valerii got shot in the forearm.

First aid was administered to the soldier in Rozivka village then he was transferred to Dnipropetrovsk, where the external fixation device was mounted and subsequently sent for treatment of purulent process in Odessa hospital. During this time, Valerii underwent five operations on his hand.

Valerii joined the ATO during the first wave of mobilization in March 24, but the most difficult military operations among those he named are a ring breakthrough near Donetsk airport last summer and the battle near Ilovaisk.

Valerii is a professional military; he has a military engineering education, and even served by the contract in the Balkans for some time. On the contract completing he went back to civilian life –was engaged in repairing mobile phones, installed security systems and video surveillance. However, the war in the east has corrected the men`s plans. Family and growing up children – 14 years old daughter, and son – who is already 20 are waiting for Valerii in his native Kirovograd.

Let’s help the hero to heal his hand together! Without it, he will not be able to perform his favorite engineering work and remain disabled!

Postoperative care


Postoperative care in the medical centre

2nd surgery


The second operation – tenolysis – was performed 13.01.2016



Examination, preparation for surgery

First X-ray


Now in the place of a trauma there are active processes of fusion and the doctor recommended the soldier to develop his arm.

Postoperative care


Postoperative care in the medical centre



Underwent correctional osteotomy of the radial and elbow bones with osteosynthesis with the help of a locking plate. It provided an opportunity to place the arm in a physiological position after defective bone union.

Treatment was started



Chronology of treatment

2 Stage of treatment

January of 2016

tenolysis is a surgery during which scar growing with sinew brachia.

Control checks

October of 2015 – January of 2016

control checks and tests, observations over the results of the bone restoration

1 Stage of treatment

September of 2015

correcting osteotomy of the ray and cubitus with the osteosynthesis blocking plate in order to bring arm into physiological position

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