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Total required 585079 UAH

Sviatoslav, 46 years old, Zaporizhzhia

wounded in Illovaisk (wound to the shoulder, defect of the humerus within 8 cm)

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Sviatoslav, 46 years old, Zaporizhzhia

wounded in Illovaisk (wound to the shoulder, defect of the humerus within 8 cm)



Sviatoslav, 46 years old, volunteer for the Donbass battalion, wounded in Illovaisk


after-effects of gunshot wound to the left shoulder, defect of the proximal third of the left humerus within 8 cm.

Sviatoslav is missing the very part of the bone which forms the shoulder joint

Course of trauma without using cell technologies

For half a year since the injury, standard practice medicine could not offer more effective treatments except arthrodesis of shoulder joint or humerus replacement – but such methods in this case would only lead to a significant loss of function of the hand, causing disability.

Required treatment

reconstructive and restorative treatment of shoulder trauma using cell technologies that enables restoring the function of the left hand as high as possible.

The task of the doctors is to restore in fact 5 types of tissue: bone, cartilage, tendons, muscles, as well as to start the process of angiogenesis, therefore for the treatment of Sviatoslav there is required double number of cells than is commonly used as part of our project – it requires much more time and cost.

The soldier will be treated in three stages, each of which will include several surgeries.

Cost of treatment: (40 058 $) 916 931 UAH
Discount of Medical Center: 37%
Special price: (22 402 $) 512 774  UAH  

List of manipulations that are part of the treatment:

  • Diagnosis and examination: 4055 UAH
  • 1st stage (sampling, preparation of cell materials and preparation of surface): 343549 UAHранение
  • Revision of the wound and preparation of the recipient bed: 12285 UAH
  • Adaptive bone resection of any location: 3844 UAH
  • Sampling, cell material making: 294000 UAH
  • Splint-bone fragment and bone marrow sampling: 11860 UAH
  • Premedication (3d category of complexity): 21560 UAH
  • 2d stage (humerus replacement): 96386 UAH
  • Introduction of cellular tissue in the form of blocks: 34120 UAH
  • Osteosynthesis using plate of shoulder proximal part (philos plate): 17000 UAH
  • Shoulder “hanging”: 10200 UAH
  • Premedication (3d category of complexity): 35066 UAH
  • 3d stage (tendon repair surgery): 68784 UAH
  • Transplantation of the biceps tendon: 14420 UAH
  • Transplantation of the subscapular muscle tendon: 10000 UAH
  • Transplantation of the large round muscle tendon: 10200 UAH
  • Premedication (3d category of complexity): 34164 UAH

Additional operation due to injury of the soldier received between stages of treatment: 72 305 UAH.
New cost of treatment: 585 079 UAH.

Information regarding the wounded

Sviatoslav (full name Sviatoslav-Andrii) is a volunteer for the Donbass battalion. The soldier received gunshot wound to the shoulder on the 19th of August when storming together with his fellows  the building of the Executive Committee of Illovaisk where the headquarters of the separatists was located.

On that day during street fighting the Donbass soldiers came under heavy shelling from small-arms weapons. Three fellows of Sviatoslav died and about ten soldiers were wounded. He lost a lot of blood, and almost on the battlefield there was applied a tourniquet for him. Then Sviatoslav was hospitalized to the Dnipropetrovsk Hospital.


The treatment of gunshot fracture of humerus with many fragments lasted about 4 months in several hospitals. Sviatoslav had 6 surgeries: first there was made fracture fixation and subsequently he was performed submerged osteosynthesis, but due to the complications – firearm osteomyelitis – there was removed sequestrum, bone graft and metal constructions.

Now Sviatoslav needs treatment of bone defect which has reached 8 cm. due to the trauma and complications. For restoring such fragment of bone tissue there shall be used only cell technologies which are successfully applied by the medical centre ilaya.

The soldier joined the ATO on the 11th of July last year. During the fighting he had to take part on the liberation of many settlements of Donbass, including Popasna, Lysychansk and Illovaisk.

In peacetime, Sviatoslav worked as a furniture maker and lived in Zaporizhzhia where his son Zoreslav awaits him now.

Sviatoslav has never been indifferent to the events in Ukraine. It should be noted that he is a member of the All-Ukrainian Union “Svoboda”, also he participated in the events on Maidan during the Revolution of Dignity”.

Treatment was started



03.2015 —examination

03.2015 — surgery performed and cellular material collected

Chronology of treatment

Control checks

April - October of 2016

control checks and tests, observations over the results of the bone restoration

2 Stage of treatment

March of 2016

• replacement of the humerus defect of the black of osteoplastic material with autologous stem cells
• insertion of cellular material into the cavity of shoulder-joint

1 Stage of treatment

July 2015

• Cellular material sampling of the red bone marrow from the iliac wing and the fragment of periosteum of the calf-bone
• preparations of recipient beds in the area of shoulder joint

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