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Total required 145495 UAH

Serhii, 48 years old, Donetsk region

injured peaceful resident of the Donetsk region (wrong accrete fracture)

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Serhii, 48 years old, Donetsk region

injured peaceful resident of the Donetsk region (wrong accrete fracture)



Serhii, 48 years old, an injured peaceful resident of the village of Berezove (Maryinskiy district).


Right foot: wrong accrete fracture of the tibia with varus and anticurving deformity


The course of trauma in case of treatment failure: because of the deformity of the shin-bone, the man became a disabled person: he cannot fully load the leg, he feels severe pain while walking.  The reconstructive treatment using Ilizarov’s method must be performed, which will help bring the shin bone into a natural position and make the leg movable.


Required treatment: reconstructive treatment of the shin bone.


The cost of treatment with the discount from the medical center of  -37%: 145 495 UAH.


Detail information of the costs for diagnosis and treatment:

  1. Examination during treatment (blood tests, urine test X-rays, EKG, etc.) – 10 450 UAH,
  2. Anesthesia (less discount of 15%) – 1 674,5 UAH.
  3. Cost of surgical treatment and supplies (with the discount of 40%) – 125 594,5 UAH.
  4. Food ordering – 7 776 UAH.

More information about the wounded

Serhii is a resident of the boundary line in the Donetsk region. It is the village of Berezove of Mariinsk district. He got an injury due to demolition in the trip wire when walking through the woods to the neighboring village. It was on March 2, 2015. According to Serhii, he was the first to have been blown up in the area, and then during the year about 40 people died there: Ukrainian soldiers and the civilians of the neighboring settlements. It is “a gray area”, which was previously mined both by separatists and the Ukrainian military.

Serhii was treated in the Volnovakha Central District Hospital with the use of external fixation system, but because of the wrong position of the bones, displacement occurred in the apparatus resulting in the wrong bone grow, making Serhii a disabled person.

The man used to study at the Biological Faculty of Donetsk University. He has been working as a psychologist and a school biology teacher for his whole life. He continues living in his native village, next to the trenches under periodic firing of the militants. He supplements his earning as a journalist for a local newspaper. He has friends among the Ukrainian soldiers. He has brought up daughters who moved from “the gray zone” to the territory controlled by Ukraine.

Let’s help Serhii restore his leg!

Chronology of treatment

Control checks

November of 2016 - May of 2018

control checks and tests, observations over the results of the bone restoration


September of 2016

resection of the tibia, osteotomy and assembling of apparatus to eliminate lower leg deformation was performed

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