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Total required 186199 UAH

Sergiy, 38 years, Kharkov

Wounded near the village of Krasna Talivka (wound of the tibia, bone defect up to 14 cm)

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Sergiy, 38 years, Kharkov

Wounded near the village of Krasna Talivka (wound of the tibia, bone defect up to 14 cm)



Sergiy, 38 years old, border guard, wounded near the village of Krasna TalivkaДомашня свiтлина


Gunshot wound of the left tibia with bone defect up to 14 cm.

Required treatment

reconstructive treatment of the tibia using cell technology.

Cost of treatment

Cost of treatment: UAH 161 183.

Medical Centre discount: 24%

Special Price: UAH 121 630.

The list of services included into treatment
Diagnosis and examination: UAH 2 530
Material collection, cellular material production and donor preparation: UAH 74 460
Shin bone defect treatment: UAH 17 640
Medication and postoperative support: UAH 27000

More information on patient

Sergiy is a resident of Kharkov city, that was enlisted in the Ukrainian Border Troops in late March. A soldier serving in one of the hottest places in the ATO zone – at a border checkpoint near the village of Krasnaya Talovka in the Stanichno-Luhansk region, which at that time was shelled the hardest.

Sergiy was injured on the 21st of September. Due to the direct hit of the bullet, his tibia is highly fractured. With this injury, he was immediately sent to the Odessa Military Hospital.The soldier underwent several operations, his injury was complicated by the development of posttraumatic osteomyelitis and putrid infection, and now part of his left tibia is virtually absent.The only possible way to restore leg after such a defect – complex surgery using cell technology.

Our wounded – a true patriot, one of the few Ukrainian language speakers in Kharkiv. Sergiy was an active member of the Kharkov Euromaidan.
When he was drafted into the army, he happily went to serve his country, despite the fact that he was the sole wage-earner for his old mother, and his sister had a hearing problem. Sergiy prearranged his participation in the defense of Ukraine and handed his business to his colleagues before he was drafted. He decided that it would be better if he went to war than the father of the family, who may die and leave his children alone. He his very modest fellow, even when he was still bedridden, he refused even the basic necessities – clothes, diapers, care items.

Now his family (mother, sister and nephew) does not know about his injury – the guy does not want to upset 73-year-old mother, as he is afraid that she might not survive the news. In peacetime, Sergiy worked at a factory, and later became an entrepreneur. Since he was 13 years old, he was actively engaged in martial arts – he adores aikido, judo, karate, and since the end of 2000 helped to train children and helped with organizational issues of the martial arts center.

Let’s help restore the health of the defender of the Fatherland and a true patriot!

Restoration of the tibia of the border guard Serhii in 5 months after operation


New results have been received regarding treatment of the border guard Serhii who had the worse bone defect up to 14 cm among other injured soldiers. New X-ray picture taken in 5 months after basic operation using bio technologies shows active processes of shinbone defect restoration.

Restoration of a 15-centimeter shin defect continues


An X-ray image of Serhii’s leg shows union of the injected block (osteoplastic material with autologous stem cells) in the proximal one-third of the shin in 3 months after the main stage of the treatment. Thus, the biggest 15 cm defect in the project ‘Biotech-rehabilitation of the Wounded’ is successfully restoring after application of cell technologies.

Postoperative care


Postoperative care in the medical centre

Primary surgery


Replacing of tibia defect of 13 cm.In particular, on the place of the defect the soldier was set autologous cell-tissue material in the form of bone block and fixed it by LCP plate.



examination prior basic treatment stage

The third operation


Preparation of recipient bed

Postoperative period


Care, bandaging

The second operation


Preparation of the recipient bed



Preparation for the second surgical operation

Correction of apparatus


Next stage of treatment has been completed – correction apparatus on the shin. By early February a fighter takes home treatment, gradually tightening apparatus by himself.

Major surgery


10.12.2014 – a number of surgical manipulations performed:
– apparatus dismantling,
– adaptation sequestnecrectomy,
– calf bone chip formation,
– leg-hip apparatus fixation,
– sampling of cellular material.




Chronology of treatment

Control checks

August of 2015 - August of 2016

control checks and tests, observations over the results of the bone restoration

The plate has already been removed for the Sergiy

June of 2016

Іt is time to remove the plate

3 Stage of treatment

June of 2015

insertion of a block of osteoplastic material with autologous stem cells fixated with the plate of the LCP type into the place of the bone defect

2 Stage of treatment

March – April of 2015

preparation of the recipient bed before the bone defect replacement

1 Stage of treatment

December of 2014

• Cellular material sampling of the red bone marrow from the iliac wing and the fragment of periosteum of the calf-bone
• adaptation sequestrum necrotomy
• formation of a flake of the calf-bone for further restoration of the shin-bone
• de-installation of the old apparatus and installation of the shin-thigh apparatus

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