UAH donated 115 persons

Total required 147024 UAH

Sergiy, 26 years, Dnipropetrovsk

a gunshot fracture of right arm bone.

Help, support...

Sergiy, 26 years, Dnipropetrovsk

a gunshot fracture of right arm bone.



Serhiy, 26, wounded at Gorlivkafocus_2


a gunshot fracture of right arm bone.

Treatment required

reconstructive regeneration of arm bone within series of surgeries.

Cost of treatment

Cost of treatment (examinations, surgery, operative and postoperative support, medication): 230 851 UAH.

Medical Center discount: 36%

Special price: 147 024 UAH.


Patient detailed information

Serhiy is a member of 93rd detached mechanized brigade, wounded heavily in Gorlivka.

Serhiy got wounded on August, 7 while fulfilling combat operation. At that time his battalion has got a task to cut off Gorlivka from Donetsk, to seize the height and control it until the 25th Commandos Brigade comes closer with support. The fighters successfully took hold of the height, but from Gorlivka side Ukrainian artillery was not in time with the help. There came a Mercedes with white flag but four militants inside, which started a machine gun fire at our fighters. At the moment all the troopers jumped off the infantry fighting vehicle, except for Serhiy, who continued to fulfil the tasks of gunlayer. Serhiy began to shoot in response and suddenly felt a sharp pain in both arms. He found himself wounded by several enemy bullets. His ring finger had been shot away, two other bullets targeted the right arm: one of them went right through, another fractured the shoulder and went under the blade bone.

Serhiy received the first emergency aid, but a heavy fracture of right shoulder bone demands tremendous medical efforts. There’s only one way to make these efforts effective and to restore full function to Serhiy’s hand: quality bone regeneration via cell engineering. This kind of treatment provides medical company ilaya.

Among Serhiy’s deeds – not only counter-terrorist operation in Gorlivka. He’s been mobilized on April 2 and by this time took part in the defense of Dobropillya, liberation of Kostyantynivka and Debaltseve, as well as attack of Yenakieve.


Serhiy lives in Dnipropetrovsk region, Vasylkivskyi district, Pysmenne village. He’s got wife Olena and son Anton. Before the war, Serhiy was keen on playing football with his son and riding bicycles together with him. We want to bring back this happiness to Serhiy and his family!

The response to treatment of forearm (3 months)


The X-rays images of the forearm, taken 3 months after introduction of autologous cell material, show the complete recovery of bone tissue.

First treatment results: tissue X-rays


Upper arm X-rays made on January 14 of the current year show new bone tissue formation at the site, where cell-tissue material was implanted.

First treatment results: shoulder X-rays


Shoulder X-rays show active bone fragments union process.

Hospital treatment completed


Since 17.11.2014 Serhiy undergoes home rehabilitation.

Main surgery


as of February 13 this year Serhiy underwent second, main treatment stage – there were removed spoke bone nonviable bone fragments, which were replaced using cell and tissue osteoprogenitor transplant in the form of chips and holding of a fractured bone and transplant performed using LSP plate made by Medimetal (Hungary)

Preparation for the surgery second stage


Preparation started for surgery second stage scheduled for 13.11.2014.



Arm’s image after surgery

Initiation of treatment


Material was collected and surgery first stage performed (dextral humerus osteosynthesis)



Aarrival to the medical centre ilaya, Sergiy’s examination

09.10.2014 – examination

11.10.2014 – material collection + surgery 1st stage

12.10.2014-02.11.2014 – diagnostic and preoperative preparation for surgery

03.11.2014 – device removal

04.11.2014-14.11.2014 – postoperative follow-up and care

13.11.2014 – surgery 2nd stage

14.11.2014-21.11.2014 – postoperative follow-up and care

22.11.2014-01.12.2014 – rehabilitation

2.12.2014 – follow-up visit

02.12.2014 — follow-up visit

03.12.2014 — follow-up visit

06.04.2015 — follow-up visit

Chronology of treatment

Control checks

January – April of 2015

control checks and tests, observations over the results of the bone restoration

2 Stage of treatment

November of 2014

replacement of the defect of the forearm with the use of 3D-gel with the chips of osteoplastic material and autologous stem cells

1 Stage of treatment

October of 2014

• Cellular material sampling of the red bone marrow from the iliac wing and the fragment of periosteum of the calf-bone
• osteosynthesis of the right humerus

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