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Roman, 36 years, Kryvyi Rig

Injured near Lugansk (low leg severe fragmentation injury)

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Roman, 36 years, Kryvyi Rig

Injured near Lugansk (low leg severe fragmentation injury)

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Roman, 36 years, National Guard sergeant, injured in Lugansk.


The effects of explosive shrapnel wound of the left lower extremity with soft tissue and shin bone entocondyle defect.

Requires treatment

Reconstructive and rehabilitation treatment of bone defect using cellular technology, osteosynthesis and soft tissue defect plastic replacement.

Cost of treatment

Cost of treatment: UAH 247 575.

Medical Centre discount: 41,11%

Special price: UAH 248 865.

List of services included into treatment:
Diagnosis and examination: UAH 2530
Material collection, producing cellular material and donor preparation: UAH 161 937
Shin bone defect treatment: UAH 49 548
Apparatus for external fixation of thigh-shin: UAH 21 990
Medicated and postoperative support: UAH 13 000

More information on injured person

Roman was injured as of September 29 during defence of the 32nd checkpoint near Khoroshe village (not far from Lugansk). Back then the 21st separate brigade of National Guard, where Roman serves, successfully held defence position despite vigorous attack of the enemy. During one of the attacks on the checkpoint the grenade had exploded next to Roman, shrapnel of which has injured his both legs.
After that the injured soldier was taken to the city of Lysychansk located 90 km from the site of injury. But Roman suffered a serious way and later was transported for treatment to Kharkov, and afterwards – to Irpin military hospital. Currently he faces a disability because of severe injury to his left shin bone. It can be done only through treatment using cellular technology, which at the present day can be performed in medical company ilaya.

Roman had committed more than 7 years to service his Motherland. He served in his native city of Kryvyi Rig – military unit №3011. In addition, he has got a sport hobby, which provides him with confidence during fighting – for more than 20 years he is fond of close fight and boxing. And due to our help Roman will manage this difficult situation and become even stronger!

First X-ray


Within 2 months after basic surgery with the use of biotechnology, the integration of introduction autologous cellular material with bone tissue can be observed. Doctors say that there yet remains small defect between the articular surface and condylar ridge, to which the additional introduction of cellular material in the form of chips is planned

Postoperative care


Postoperative care in the medical centre

The main stage surgical treatment


Roman undergoes treatment of soft tissue defect and tibia, is recovering after main operation.

The third operation was performed


Preparation of the recipient bed before the main stage of operation was done.



01.03.2015 it was an examination before the third stage of treatment

Underwent the second operation


10.12.2014 drainage system was replaced – sponge of WAC device




X-ray performed


07.11.2014 Roman had x-ray made that shows surgery first stage results – removal of the shin bone gangrenous tissue.
From 10.11.2014 – preparation for the second stage of the surgery

Surgery performed


4.11.2014 surgery performed and cellular material collected

Examination, preparation for surgery


Material collection is scheduled for 04.11.2014
04.11.2014 – examination/material collection and surgery first stage


04.11.2014 – examination/material collection and surgery first stage

7.11.2014 – X-ray

From 10.11.2014 – preparation for the second stage of the surgery

10.12.2014 – surgery 2nd stage

01.2015 – surgery 3d stage

Chronology of treatment

4 Stage of treatment

August - September 2015

• removal of the plate
• plastics of soft tissues – shred turning in the area of the upper third of the shin

Control checks

June – July of 2015

control checks and tests, observations over the result of the bone restoration

3 Stage of treatment

April of 2015

replacement of the shin-bone defect with a block of osteoplatic material with autologous stem cells

2 Stage of treatment

March of 2015

preparation of recipient bed before the main stages of treatment

1 Stage of treatment

November of 2014

• Cellular material sampling of the red bone marrow from the iliac wing and the fragment of periosteum of the calf-bone
• removal of the part of the dead bone tissue of the shin-bone

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