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Petro, 23 years old, Zhytomyr region

injured near Dokuchaievsk (the effects of mine-explosive injured of the right foot)

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Petro, 23 years old, Zhytomyr region

injured near Dokuchaievsk (the effects of mine-explosive injured of the right foot)


Petro, 23 years old, soldier of the 81 st Separate air mobile brigade, injured near Dokuchaievsk


The right leg, the effects of mine-explosive injured of the right foot,

 soft tissue defect of the sole of the right foot,
 heel bone defect,
 displaced fracture of the talus;
 spiral fracture of the right tibia on the verge of the middle and lower thirds and fibula in the middle third.


Course of injury in the event of non-use of cellular technologies: generally accepted methods in such a case can only offer amputation. But multistaged complex reconstructive treatment using plastic and cellular technologies will help maintain and maximize return the leg its functions.


Required treatment: reconstructive and restorative treatment of foot injuries using plasty and biotechnologies. Now the hero is in a difficult and prolonged first stage of treatment, after which it will be possible to plan the next stages.


Cost of treatment with a discount of the Medical Center -44%: UAH 561 721,25 .


Itemized costs for diagnosis and treatment (Stage 1 – plastic surgery and preparation of cell-tissue material):

1.  Examination during the treatment (therapy, orthopedics, biostrahuvannya) – UAH 16 683
2.  Sampling of the fibula bone and red marrow fragment (discount 40%) – UAH 15 802.5
3.  Endothelial cells, 80 million. cells (50% discount) – UAH 63 525.
4.  Periosteal cells, 80 million (50% discount) – UAH 63 525.
5.  MSCs from bone marrow, 200 million (50% discount) – UAH 127 050.
6.  Allogeneic MSCs 100 million (50% discount) – UAH 50 000.
7.  Bone block, heel, custom-made (discount 40%) – UAH 21 023.
8.  Bone chips (discount 40%) – UAH 21 000.
9.  Anesthesia (discount 15%) – UAH 27 200
10. Drug and operation provision, up to 10 complex operations – UAH 17 410 .
11.Reconstructive and restorative treatment in hospital, up to 10 complex operations (discount 40%) – UAH 138 502,75


More information about the wounded


Petro is a paratrooper from 90 th battalion of the 81 st Separate air mobile brigade. He was injured near Yelenivka village, located between Dokuchaievsk and Donetsk on the occupied territory. On May 9, 2017 the soldier went on reconnaissance during which tripped a PMN-2. He seriously injured foot. Assistance was provided in Volnovakha, Dnieper and Odessa, and then he was taken to Kyiv. He underwent 7 operations, but doctors of the hospitals then could offer only amputation, because the leg injury is extremely complicated.

Volunteers of Kyiv referred for help to the project "Biotech-rehabilitation of the injured," where doctors got down to save the hero.Petro was born in Zhytomyr region in Baranowskyi district. Before the war he studied at Shevchenko Kiev National University at the Faculty of Radio Physics. He was keen on sports, equipment repair and design. In 2013 he took part in the revolution of dignity. In the autumn of 2014 he could not stay away, took a year out and went to serve under contract, and in June 2015 he was in the area ATO, where he defended Ukraine over two years being a part of 90th battalion of the 81 st brigade. During this time he went through Avdiiivka, Opytne, Zaitsevo, Novotroiitske. He was always on reconnaissance, often – in the territory, occupied by terrorists.

Now Petro above all wants to stand on his own feet. In order to do this he is agree to tolerate even a long and complicated treatment. His girlfriend Marina, whom he meets with from the student days, is always next to him. And yet – a lot of friends among soldiers, volunteers, journalists who sincerely support the hero and do not leave him in difficult times.

Let’s help the Defender to recover faster!

Chronology of treatment

1nd Stage of treatment

August-Decembet of 2017

plastics of scar defect of the soft tissues

1nd Stage of treatment

June of 2017

• Cellular material sampling of the red bone marrow from the iliac wing and the fragment of periosteum of the calf-bone
• de-installation of the apparatus of external fixation
• plastics of scar defect of the soft tissues

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