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Pavlo, 37 years, Donetsk

Left femoral bone missile wound

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Pavlo, 37 years, Donetsk

Left femoral bone missile wound

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Pavlo, 37 years, city of Donetsk.


Left femoral bone missile wound

Treatment required

Rehabilitation (osteosynthesis).

Cost of treatment

Treatment prime cost (examinations, surgery, operative and postoperative support, medication): 94 857 грн.

Medical Center discount: 40%

Special price: 55 798 грн.

Patient detailed information

Donetsk city civilian, Pavlo, who stays now in Kramatorsk, requires as prompt rehabilitation as possible to help him avoid disability and return to normal life.


Paul received shrapnel wound in Donetsk as of 26.07.14 – he was hit by regular shelling in the middle of the day, when he was visiting suburban village of Vesele (Kuibyshev district of the city). Man dared to visit this dangerous area of the city with a noble purpose – to take dogs out saving them from the fire. When he was almost done the round exploded next to Pavlo, fragments of which injured man’s both feet. One fragment almost shot through the left hip, and the other one got stuck in the soft tissues of the right hip. Pavlo was given the first aid, but to restore his health he requires osteosynthesis in order to restore left limb support ability.

His mother, brother and grandmother are waiting for him at home. Pavlo works as PVC structures picker, leads an active and healthy lifestyle – plays soccer, enjoys travelling. He dreams that the moment will come soon, when he enter a peaceful and prosperous homeland, leaving all problems behind. But to achieve this dream he needs medical help.

Postoperative period


At present, Pavlo is at home treatment under medical supervision.



Hip image after surgery



10.10.14 osteosynthesis surgery of hip was executed



09.10.14 underwent examination in medical centre ilaya

09.10.2014 – admitted to hospital + examination

10.10.2014 – surgery (HIP OSTEOSYNTHESIS) + material collection

11.10.2014-23.10.2014 – diagnostic and preoperative preparation for surgery

24.10.2014 – surgery

25.10.2014-29.10.2014 – postoperative follow-up and care

30.10.2014-28.11.2014 – rehabilitation

29.11.2014 – follow-up visit

29.01.2015 — follow-up visit

27.02.2015 — follow-up visit

27.03.2015 — follow-up visit

29.04.2015 — follow-up visit

29.05.2015 — follow-up visit

29.06.2015 — follow-up visit

29.07.2015 — follow-up visit

28.08.2015 — follow-up visit

29.09.2015 — follow-up visit

Chronology of treatment

Control checks

October-december of 2014

Сontrol checks and tests, observations over the results of the bone restoration


October of 2014

Оsteosynthesis surgery of hip was executed

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