UAH donated 122 persons

Total required 349260 UAH

Oleksii, 32 years old, Chernihiv town

wounded near Stanytsia Luhanska (improper consolidation of legs fractures)

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Oleksii, 32 years old, Chernihiv town

wounded near Stanytsia Luhanska (improper consolidation of legs fractures)



Oleksii, 32 years, a soldier of “Chernihiv” volunteer brigade was wounded near Stanytsia Luhanska village.


gunshot wounds consequences:

Left leg:

  • improper consolidation of hip fracture with varus deformity
  • femur shortening for2 cm

Right leg:

  • improper consolidation of tibia fracture with the varus deformity over 20 degrees

Course of injury in the event of non-use of cellular technologies: Oleksii is treated with traditional methods for more than a year, but due to improper matching of fragments, the bones of his legs began to unite improperly. Now his legs are deflected, not allowing him to move freely. Further progression of the situation would lead to Oleksii’s disability.

Required treatment: reconstructive and restorative treatment of hip and shin, which will return support ability and full function to his legs.

Cost of treatment with Medical Center discount 36%: 349 260 UAH

Detailed costs for diagnosis and treatment:

  1. Examination and expert advice during treatment (study of cells, blood, urine, comparison X-ray, ECG, etc.) – 9 900  UAH
  2. Fibula bone fragment and red bone marrow sampling (40% discount) – 16 350 UAH
  3. Periosteal cells, 20 million (30% discount) – 54 600 UAH.
  4. MSC from bone marrow, 50 million (30% discount) – 28 000 UAH.
  5. The total cost of reconstructive and restorative treatment (40% discount) – 126 564 UAH.

More information about the wounded

Oleksii is a volunteer of “Chernihiv”.brigade He has been wounded near Stanytsia Luhanska village on February 23, 2015. During Oleksii’s and his blood brother reconnaissance they trapped into a trip wire. Oleksii got numerous shrapnel wounds of back, legs and hands.

After first aid treatment the solder was transported to Kharkov, where an external fixation device was applied. After that he was treated in hospitals of Vinnytsia and Chernihiv. He has undergone several operations in spring and summer, but he still cannot walk without crutches.

Oleksii lives in Chernigiv. He has two daughters. Before the war, he worked as a driver for commercial enterprises of the city, and in 2004-2005 he served under contract in Iraq. During the mobilization he did not wait until draft notice, and together with former comrade-in-arms under contract he decided to go to the East voluntarily.Since August 2014 he performed combat missions in Luhansk region.

Let’s help the hero to stand on his own feet!

Chronology of treatment

Control checks

October 2016 - December of 2017

control checks and tests, observations over the results of the bone restoration

2 Stage of treatment

July of 2016

doctors performed surgery on femur during which they introduced in place of injury 3D-gel chips made of osteoplastic material and autologous stem cells, fixed with metal plates

1 Stage of treatment

April of 2016

• Cellular material sampling of the red bone marrow from the iliac wing and the fragment of periosteum of the calf-bone
• doctors fixed the deformity of the right tibia bone and fixed the bone by means of metal plate

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