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Total required 511620 UAH

Oleksandr, 39 years old, Mykolaiv region

wounded near Donets airport (fracture of the fibular bone with a bone defect)

Help, support...

Oleksandr, 39 years old, Mykolaiv region

wounded near Donets airport (fracture of the fibular bone with a bone defect)



Oleksandr, 39 years old, soldier of the 93rd separate mechanized brigade, wounded near Donets airport.


Right leg:

  • consolidated fracture of the fibular bone in the middle third with a bone defect up to 2/2 cm;
  • shortening of the right lower extremity up to 2 cm.

Development of injury in case of failure to apply cellular technology: Oleksandr has been treated for a year and a half using traditional methods, but due to the defect of the bone and continuous inflammatory processes in the site of injury the legs still lacks support ability and the soldier uses crutches to move.  In case of failure to apply cellular technologies the soldier may become disabled.

Required treatment: reconstructive and restorative treatment of the lower leg using biotechnologies, which will help to return leg`s support ability and full functionality.

Cost of treatment at a discount from the medical center -42%: 387 285 UAH

Detailed information about costs required for diagnostics and treatment:

  1. Examination during treatment (therapy, orthopedy, bioinsurance) – 19 376,5 UAH
  2. Sampling of fragment of the shin bone and red bone marrow (less discount of 40%) – 18 060 UAH
  3. Intraepithelial cells, 40 million cells (less discount of 50%) – 32 000 UAH.
  4. Periosteal cells, 40 million cells (less discount of 50%) – 32 000 UAH.
  5. Mezenchymal stem cells from the bone marrow, 100 million cells (less discount of 50%) – 70 500 UAH.
  6. Anesthesia (less discount of 15%) – 4 794 UAH
  7. Reconstructive and restorative treatment at hospital (less discount of 40%) – 210 554,4 UAH

More about the wounded

Oleksandr is the volunteer from the 93rd separate mechanized brigade transferred from “Donbas” battalion together with his sworn brother Oleksii and other wounded soldier Vitalii. Besides, they received severe wounds form one mine on January 17, 2015 near Donets airport. Oleksandr`s both legs and forearm suffered the most.

After the injury Oleksandr was treated in hospitals of Kyiv, Irpin and Odesa. The hand and the left leg are restored, but the right one still requires treatment. The soldier has undergone 7 operations on his right leg due to severe fracture with the bone defect and osteomyelitis. A lot of time has passed since his treatment in hospitals but the soldier still cannot move freely as he feels pain and the leg lacks support ability.

Oleksandr was born and grew in Pervomaisk, Mykolaiv region. Before the war Oleksandr lived and worked in Kyiv as a storeman. Was actively engaged into sport, in particular, karate. At the end of 2013 joined Euromaidan and at the beginning of 2014 together with brother Oleksii decided to go to the East as a volunteer.  After discharge the hero went back to Mykolaiv, where he is waiting for our help.

Let`s help Oleksandr recover!

Chronology of treatment


January of 2018

Fighter actively developed leg and returned to normal life

Plastics of scar defect

September of 2017

plastics of scar defect of the soft tissues, defect of the shin with the use of advanced flap

3d Stage of treatment

February of 2017

• removed the apparatus from restored tibia
• performed necrectomy of the shin soft tissue
• soft tissue plastic by means of split flap

2nd Stage of treatment

October of 2016

displacement of the shin-bone defect with the insertion of the 3D-gel with the chips of osteoplastic material with the autologous stem cells

1nd Stage of treatment

August of 2016

• Cellular material sampling of the red bone marrow from the ilium and a fragment of the periosteum of the calf-bone
• stripping of the apparatus of external fixation

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