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Total required 547293 UAH

Oleksandr, 32 years old, Mykolaiv

wounded near Izvarino (fracture of talar neck, fracture of heel bone and bone defect)

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Oleksandr, 32 years old, Mykolaiv

wounded near Izvarino (fracture of talar neck, fracture of heel bone and bone defect)



Oleksandr, 32 years old, 79th Separate Air Cavalry Brigade soldier, wounded near Izvarino


Nonunion displaced fracture of talar neck, displaced nonunion fracture of heel bone and bone tissue defect

The course of injury in the event of cellular technologies non-application: soldier can not step on foot due to fractures and foot bones displacement. Previously he underwent six surgeries; however no support ability of extremity is observed since traditional treatment methods are ineffective in these types of trauma. Further trauma consequences may lead to disability. In order to restore the support ability of extremity the complex treatment is required using biotechnology.

Required treatment

reconstructive and restorative treatment of foot in two stages, which will facilitate restoring of support ability of extremity and full functionality

Cost of treatment including Medical Center’s discount: UAH 547293

Cost breakdown for diagnosis and treatment:

  1. Examination and consultation of specialists (orthopedics, bioinsurance) UAH 11 215
  2. Sampling of fibula fragment and bone marrow (discount 40%) UAH 15 120
  3. Preparation of cell-tissue material in biolaboratory (discount 30%) UAH 64 000
  4. Surgical treatment of ankle and heel bones’ defects (discount 40%): UAH 271 396

More information on wounded

Oleksandr is a 79th Separate Air Cavalry Brigade soldier (city of Mykolaiiv). He was wounded on June 26, 2014 near the border with the Russian Federation and not far from Izvaryne and Dovzhanskyi. Back then Oleksandr was dispatching an important mission – to lead out his fellows from the constant attacks from the Russia’s side. On its way the convoy of soldiers was attacked by fire and then the APC with Oleksandr inside was blown up by a land mine. The soldier got an open craniocerebral trauma and broke his leg, his fellows were also seriously wounded. He tells that just a few days before the event the volunteers provided them with quality helmets, and if not for these helmets Oleksandr would hardly survive.


After first aid the soldier was transported to Dnipropetrovsk, where underwent head trauma treatment – he had a frontal plate installed. Then Oleksandr was treated in the hospitals of Odessa and Mykolaiiv, underwent six surgeries, but traditional treatment methods failed to restore the foot and the hero still moves on crutches.

Oleksandr is a career military man, Warrant Officer. He has served in native Mykolaiiv for 16 years already. His division has been defending Ukraine since March 03, 2014 – at first, the soldiers were guarding the border with Crimea in Chongar and then retreated to the East. During the ATO the soldiers went through Savur-Mohyla, Diakovo and other hotspots.

Currently, the soldier’s family is waiting for him – his parents and sister. His brother, like Oleksandr, is a military carrier man too and serves now in the legendary 79th Brigade!

Let’s help the hero to return to normal life!




Postoperative care


Postoperative care in the medical centre

The first operation


On October 07 sampling of material and open reposition of the ankle bone and extrafocal osteosynthesis by the needle type apparatus was conducted.




Chronology of treatment

Foot position correction

April of 2017

Doctors will correct the position of the foot using the apparatus, which will return the movements physiology of the foot.

Control checks

January - August of 2016

control checks and tests, observations over the results of the bone restoration

Apparatus removal

March of 2016

Ilizarov apparatus removal, bandage deposition

2 Stage of treatment

December of 2015

• insertion of 3D-gel with the chips of osteoplastic material and autologous stem cells into the places of talus and heel bones
• arthrodesis of ankle joint

1 Stage of treatment

October of 2015

• Cellular material sampling of the red bone marrow from the iliac wing and the fragment of periosteum of the calf-bone
• open reposition of the talus
• focal perosseous osteosynthesis apparatus of rung type

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