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Total required 273153 UAH

Oleksandr, 32 years old, Kyiv

wounded in Mariupol (consequences of the lower leg firearm missile wound)

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Oleksandr, 32 years old, Kyiv

wounded in Mariupol (consequences of the lower leg firearm missile wound)



Oleksandr, 32 years old, Azov Battalion volunteer, wounded in Mariupol11998345_517358585081545_1014117032_n


right leg: consequences of the lower leg firearm missile wound, incomplete bone graft of shin bone of 8 сm.

The course of injury in the event of cellular technologies non-application: soldier was treated using conventional methods for 1 year 4 months, but no support ability of extremity is observed and continued wearing of device led to inflammation in the soft tissues. Further trauma consequences may lead to the osteomyelitis and other complications, or even amputation. Cellular technologies will help to restore quickly the bone and set the soldier on his feet.

Required treatment

reconstructive and restorative treatment of lower leg injury in two stages, which will facilitate restoring of support ability of extremity

Cost of treatment including Medical Center’s discount 37%: UAH 274 560 

Cost breakdown for diagnosis and treatment:

  1. Examination and consultation of specialists (orthopedics, bioinsurance) UAH 8960
  2. Sampling of fibula fragment and bone marrow (discount 40%) UAH 15 120
  3. Preparation of cell-tissue material in biolaboratory (discount 30%) UAH 64 000
  4. Surgical treatment of tibia (discount 40%): UAH 184340

More information on wounded

Oleksandr is a volunteer of Azov Battalion. He was wounded on May 9, 2014 during the liberation of Mariupol from separatists. This day fighters of Azov performed the cleaning up of the municipal administrative facilities from assailants. During the attack of the district police department an enemy sniper hit the Oleksandr’s leg.

Wounded soldier was referred to Dnipropetrovsk, and then – to the German hospital. After a few months of treatment the hero returned to Ukraine and continued treatment in Ukrainian hospitals but no tibia restoration observed until now and the number of surgeries that Oleksandr has underwent exceeded 20.


When Oleksandr addressed the “Biotech Rehabilitation of Wounded” social project the severe inflammation was developing in his leg so ilaya medical company’s physicians removed the device immediately without waiting for funds to be raised for treatment since each day of bone inflammation process poses a high risk of osteomyelitis, which can lead to a long-term and difficult treatment.

Oleksandr is one of the first Azov soldiers. He joined the newly created division at the beginning of the tumultuous spring in 2014. At first, Azov soldiers defended Berdiansk against separatist rallies, and then relocated to Mariupol. Oleksandr tells that immediately after the events in Crimea he gathered his friends and without hesitation they all left to the East.

Oleksandr lives in Kyiv. Since 2013 he participates in Automaidan till now regardless the injured leg. His wife Alyona supports his public position. Recently, a daughter was born to the family. She is now 2 years old. Family gives warmth to the hero who despaired at some time in treatment and almost made up his mind to disability. But now we all support Oleksandr! So – he will recover soon!

Postoperative follow-up and care


Postoperative follow-up and care

Main operation


 Oleksandr  is discharged from the hospital after the main stage of reconstructive and restorative treatment of ununited fracture of the tibia. In 1,5 months the soldier will take the first control X-ray picture.



Examination prior basic treatment stage

Postoperative period


Care, bandaging

First stage of treatment


Extrafocal osteosynthesis and cellular material sampling was performed.



Examination, Preoperative preparation


Chronology of treatment

Control checks

January of 2016 – March of 2017

control checks and tests, observations over the results of the bone restoration

2 Stage of treatment

November of 2015

replacement of the defect of the shin-bone with the use of 3D-gel with the chips of osteoplastic material and autologous stem cells

1 Stage of treatment

September of 2015

• Cellular material sampling of the red bone marrow from the iliac wing and the fragment of periosteum of the calf-bone
• apparatus reinstallation

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