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Total required 69100 UAH

Oleksandr, 21 year old, Kryvyi Rih

wounded near Slovianoserbsk (injury of the knee joint cruciate ligament)

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Oleksandr, 21 year old, Kryvyi Rih

wounded near Slovianoserbsk (injury of the knee joint cruciate ligament)



Oleksandr, 21 year old, the soldier of the National Guard, wounded near Slovianoserbsk.c8a72364670b98a1ff3a14a411f8e22fd62cd6909bd71b641edf87543b31fca2


Injury of the knee joint cruciate ligament

Development of injury: Due to injury of the cruciate ligament the soldier feels pain and swelling. The leg losses its support ability after continuous load and the soldier is forced to use crutch. Further development of injury may cause degenerative joint disease.

Required treatment:. reconstructive and restorative treatment of the knee joint which will help to restore the cruciate ligament.

Cost of treatment at a discount from the medical center 39%: 69 100 UAH

Detalization of costs for diagnostics and treatment:

  1. Examination and specialized medical consultation (orthopedy) – 2 380 UAH
  2. Operative treatment of three defects (discount of 40 per cents) – 66 720 UAH

More about wounded

Oleksandr is the soldier of the National Guard did his military service together with our other wounded soldier Roman. They were carrying out military tasks at well-known 32nd checkpoint bear Slivianoserbsk. On October 14, this checkpoint was attacked by fire using different types of weapons and Oleksandr while jumping from the armored carrier injured his leg- felt crackling and severe pain in the knee.

No aid was rendered to the soldier so he continued his service with dressing on the knee. Even after demobilization no aid was offered to the soldier. Now the condition of Oleksandr`s leg is getting worse so his sworn brother Roman advised him to ask for help at “Biotech Rehabilitation of Injured People” social project.

Oleksandr is the citizen of Kryvyi Rih. Before the war he was studying and going in for favorite sport- he is a Candidate Master of Sports in boxing. Shortly before the events on the east he served in the Army and his participation in ATO started from the military unit No. 3004 located in the city of Donetsk. For a certain time this military unit was wrested by the separatists and Oleksandr was the prisoner. As soon as he was rescued Oleksandr joined the National Guard and went back to the East.

The soldier has great difficulties with treatment as far as his wound is not considered to be a combat one that is why he left alone with his problem. Let`s help him raise funds for treatment!



Examination, preparation for surgery

Chronology of treatment


May of 2016

Return to normal life, sports and work


January of 2016

• restoration of the crucial joint with the use of autoplastics with the widest fascia of the thigh
• deposition of lancet bandage

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