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Oleg, 47 years, Cherkassy region

wounded near Ilovaisk (wound of hip, femoral defect with a size of 14 cm)

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Oleg, 47 years, Cherkassy region

wounded near Ilovaisk (wound of hip, femoral defect with a size of 14 cm)



Oleg, 47 years old, volunteer from “Donbas” battalion, wounded near Ilovaisk


Right leg: gunshot wound of hip, femoral defect with a size of 14 cm.

9 months of the soldier`s leg treatment by means of traditional methods had nor results, further progressFotorCreated11
could result in disability due to loss of leg support capacity, or even to leg amputation because of the
dysfunctional reception.

Required treatment

reconstructive and restorative treatment of femur using cellular technology.

The cost of treatment
reconstructive and restorative treatment of femur using cellular technology.
Cost of treatment: 528 515 hrv
Medical center discount: 34,51%
Special price:  346 107 hrv.

The list of treatment components:
Diagnostics and examination: 4055 hrv
Material sampling, production of cellular material: 202766 hrv
Treatment of femoral defect: 139286 hrv


More about the patient

Oleg – volunteer form “Donbas” battalion, being wounded near Ilovaisk on 19th August last year. Then battalion was engaged in release of the city from illegal armed groups. During mopping-up enemy sniper wounded several Oleg’s military sworn brothers, and hit in Oleg’s leg. Wounded Oleg was rescued and sent to Starobesheve.

After that solder was treated at Dnipropetrivsk hospital, and in order to restore the bone he was sent to Lithuania – to a hospital in Vilnius, which hosted for treatment Ukrainian soldiers from ATO area. Oleg underwent hip replacement defect through his fibula. However, for 9 months of treatment in Lithuania bone fusion was not observed, and fighter still moves on walkers.

Over time, Oleg almost lost the hope for recovery, but in Lithuania he was lucky to get acquainted with fighter from “Dnipro-1” Mykhailo – the one, to whom “Biotech-rehabilitation” restored his collarbone. Moreover, Oleg was advised by his sworn brother to address to us.

Oleg – the citizen of Zhashkiv district, Cherkassy region. He is a true patriot of his land and even during treatment in Lithuania there remained only 3 months for him to get Lithuanian citizenship – he decided to return to Ukraine. He says that he feels like home there. Before the war Oleg worked as a driver in Kyiv – for taxi and different companies. After the first big
victims of the conflict on the East he along with his friend joined ATO – it happened in June last year. Since that time hero managed to participate in release of many cities in Donbas region, including Popasna and Lysychansk.

Let’s save the hero together and return him to normal life, which he undoubtedly deserves!

Postoperative follow-up and care


Postoperative follow-up and care

Main operation


Oleh is ready to discharge from the hospital after surgical treatment of the hip bone defect using biotechnologies. Especially, on December 09, 2015 the doctors from the medical center ilaya conducted replacement of 14 cm hip bone defect using 3D gel with chips of osteoplastic material and autologous steam cells. Furthermore, the doctors fixed the hip bone by metal LCP type plate. Further, the soldier will be recovering at home and in 1,5 months control X-ray picture will be taken.



Examination prior basic treatment stage

External fixation device dismounting


Plaster splint is put on the leg and primary operation on the hip defect restoration is scheduled for the next month.

Postoperative care


Postoperative care in the medical centre



Oleg underwent complicated surgery on collarbone using autologous cell-tissue materialу

Treatment was started



Chronology of treatment

4 Stage of treatment

March of 2017

• was removed a plate
• femoral osteotomy and extrafocal perosseous osteosynthesis

Control checks

January – June of 2016

control checks and tests, observations over the results of the bone restoration>

3 Stage of treatment

December of 2015

replacement of the thigh defect with the use of 3D-gel with the chips of osteoplastic material with autologous stem cells

2 Stage of treatment

October of 2015

apparatus of external fixation is removed and a plaster splint is set into the injured leg

1 Stage of treatment

June of 2015

Cellular material sampling of the red bone marrow from the iliac wing and the fragment of periosteum of the calf-bone

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