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Total required 435432 UAH

Oleg, 39 years old, Kyiv

wounded in Lugansk region (osteomyelitis of foot bones, rumen defect)

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Oleg, 39 years old, Kyiv

wounded in Lugansk region (osteomyelitis of foot bones, rumen defect)



Oleg, 39 years old, a soldier of the battalion “Kyiv Rus” wounded in Lugansk region


Right foot: osteomyelitis 2,3,4 of right foot metatarsal bones, rumen defect of the right foot anterior area

The course of injury in case of nonuse of cellular technologies: The soldier underwent 7 operations in hospitals, but the inflammation in the foot is not eliminated due to osteomyelitis. The leg has lost its support ability. If the treatment is not carried out the foot bone will continue ruining resulting in disability. It is necessary to remove the necrotic bone fragments and restore them using cell technologies.

Required treatment

Reconstructive and restorative treatment of the injuries that helps to restore the foot function to its maximum.

The cost of treatment_B0B9610

Cost of treatment: 646 300 hrv
Medical center discount: 48,82%
Special price: 330 775 hrv

The list of expenses required for treatment:

1 stage of treatment

  • Diagnostics and examination 4055 hrv
  • Plates removal 8500 hrv
  • Fistula sequestrectomia of metatarsal bones 11000 hrv
  • Plastic reconstruction of scars ulcerous defect 21500 hrv
  • Individual production of carrier from bone unit (in the operating room) 3400 hrv
  • Sampling of fibula fragment and bone marrow 12000 hrv
  • Production of cell-tissue material 74000 hrv
  • Drug provision and hospital stay 71010 hrv

2 stage of treatment

  • Osteosynthesis 2,3,4 metatarsal bones by means of micro plates 28900 hrv
  • Introduction of cell-tissue material (3 sections)    24000 hrv
  • Immobilization of limb by means of plaster cast 1400 hrv
  • Drug provision and hospital stay 71010 hrv

Additional operation – plastic surgery of sift tissues 58 052 UAH.
New cost of treatment: 388 827 UAH.

More about the patient

leg is a member of the 11th battalion “Kyiv Rus”, who was injured on August 19, 2014 defending the position of the Ukrainian Armed forces near the village of Fashchivka (Lugansk region). At about 2.00 in the morning the terrorists began firing, wounding 11 Ukrainian military men, including Oleg.

After this, the soldier was treated at the hospital in Artemivsk and military hospitals of Kharkiv and Kyiv, for the year he sustained 7 operations. Then, in one of the hospitals Oleg met a paratrooper Olexandr from Dnipropetrovsk, who was treated within the framework of the project “Biotech-Rehabilitation of the Injured.” Recently, when Oleg saw that fluid was constantly discharged from his foot, he decided to seek assistance of the project.

According to the doctors, to “put Oleg’s foot to rights” and create the conditions for maximum recovery of the leg function, operative exploration of the area of the injury is necessary as well as removing the necrotic bone fragments and restoring them using the cells of the fighter. The shape of the foot will be also restored, allowing Oleg to produce full load on the leg.

Oleg is from Kiev. Before the war he worked as a typographer in one of the capital’s renowned printing houses. He was mobilized to the Armed Forces of Ukraine in March 2014, and joined the ATO in July. For two months the fighter managed to take part in several significant combat operations, particularly in the liberation of Karachun mountain in Slovyansk.

Now he seeks to recover faster and return to work, to earn money for his family, raise his son. Oleg was accompanied by his wife to the examination, she is very upset by a large treatment and rehabilitation needed for her husband. However, now the family has something to hope for. The doctors told about the desired treatment plan and expressed their confidence that they will overcome the consequences of the injury!

Let us help the hero! Let us return a healthy man and father to the family!

Postoperative care


Postoperative care in the medical centre

Second stage of treatment


He underwent the operation on foot soft tissue – reconstructive operation of cicatricial defect of the forefoot by myofasciocutaneous external flap.

First stage of treatment


Sampling of the red bone marrow to prepare cellular material in the bio lab as well as necrotomy of foot bones in order to remove dead fragments of the bones caused by osteomyelitis were performed.




Chronology of treatment

Control checks

May-december of 2016

control checks and observations, observations for the results of the bone restoring

Removing the plate

September of 2016

Discontinued plate of spliced metatarsal bone

Stage 2 treatment

March of 2016

putting in place the defect plyusnovyh 2.3 and 4 blocks osteoplastic material bone with autologous stem cells

1 Stage of treatment

September – October of 2015

• Cellular material sampling of the red bone marrow from the iliac wing and the fragment of periosteum of the calf-bone
• dead bones removal
• plastics of the scar defect of the front department of the foot with the skin-fascial external suprocondylar shred

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