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Total required 94004 UAH

Oleg, 24 years, Cherkassy

Injured near Mariupol (Shin bone gun wound)

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Oleg, 24 years, Cherkassy

Injured near Mariupol (Shin bone gun wound)

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Oleg, 24 years,  “Azov” battalion volunteer, injured near Mariupol.6


Shin bone gun wound effects, shin bone multifragmental fracture.

Requires treatment

Shin bone defect reconstructive and rehabilitation treatment using cellular technology.

Cost of treatment

Cost of treatment (set of examinations, surgery, operative and postoperative support, medical support): UAH 203 660.

Medical Centre discount: 54%

Special price: UAH 94 004.
List of services included into treatment:
Diagnosis and examination: UAH 3 500
Material collection, producing cellular material and donor preparation: UAH 68 848
Lower leg defect treatment: UAH 13 656
Medicated and postoperative support: UAH 8000.

More information on injured person

Day when peaceful regions of Ukraine celebrated the Independence Day became dangerous for many of our soldiers. In particular, “Azov” battalion has defended this day the Mariupol suburbs against enemy, which went on the offensive in the direction of the city. The same day, as of August 24, during scouting Oleg with fellows was on intelligence coup near the village of Sartana, where he fell into an ambuscade. As a result of machine gun he was severely injured to the left leg.

After about a half an hour Oleg was already in Mariupol, where he was given first aid and later transferred to Berdyansk, and then – to Kyiv. Currently, he urgently needs a complex treatment using cellular technology that will help to restore fragmented shin bone and save soldier from disability. Medical company ilaya is ready to provide such treatment.

Oleg voluntarily joined the “Azov” fighters as of June 24, and since that time he participated in such known military operations as Maryinka and Ilovaysk combat assaults. Oleg is native of Cherkassy city, where his mother and brother are now waiting for him. In peacetime he worked in the furniture industry. Moreover, Oleg is a fan of FC “Dnipro” and member of Cherkassy ultras.

Our assistance to Oleg – is a sincere gratitude for his noble decision to protect the homeland during the most difficult moment!

Oleg underwent the removal of apparatus from shin, fighter actively loads his leg


2.5 after the main stage of tibia fracture treatment by means of cell material, ATO fighter Oleg underwent the removal of apparatus. Doctors ascertain the bone fusion and recommend soldier to load his leg more actively.

Doctors recommend him to walk on his foot.


Also on 30th January doctor orthopedist – trauma specialist performed damping and recommended Oleg to start to walk without crutches, actively loading his feet.

First results of treatment


Based ob shank X-ray picture, made in the end of January of this year, and inspection of trauma doctors noticed firm bone union.

The treatment in the medical centre completed


On 10.12.2014 Oleg undergo recovery at home

The main stage of treatment


Basic treatment stage completed using autologous cellular material.
Oleg will undergo further recovery under podiatrist’s care who will periodically examine and observe regeneration using X-rays.



09.12.2014 examination prior basic treatment stage

X-ray performed


07.11.2014 Oleg had an x-ray made that shows surgery results – shin bone axis alignment.

First stage of treatment


05.11.2014 material was collected and device reinstalled
Treatment was started

Treatment was started


04.11.2014 examination and preparation for surgery was performed

04.11.2014 examination and preparation for surgery was performed

04.11.2014 – examination

05.11.2014 – material collection and surgery first stage

7.11.2014 – X-ray

As of 09.11.2014 – preparation for the surgery second stage

09.12.2014 – surgery 2nd stage

Chronology of treatment

Apparatus removal

February of 2015

Ilizarov apparatus was removed, the fighter is starting to actively work up the leg and he is coming back to normal life

Control checks

January – February of 2015

control checks and tests, observations over the results of the bone restoration

2 Stage of treatment

December of 2014

insertion of cellular material into the place of multiple splinters with healing failure of the shin-bone

1 Stage of treatment

November of 2014

• Cellular material sampling of the red bone marrow from the iliac wing and the fragment of periosteum of the calf-bone
• Ilizarov’s osteosynthesis

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