UAH donated 140 persons

Total required 321987 UAH

Vasil, 38 years, Lviv region

Wounded near Georgiyivka. Proximal tibia defect (100-120 cm3), damaged knee joint

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Vasil, 38 years, Lviv region

Wounded near Georgiyivka. Proximal tibia defect (100-120 cm3), damaged knee joint



Вasil, 38, the 24th Mechanized Brigade, injured near Georgiyivka (Luhansk region)


Proximal tibia defect (100-120 cm3) with malunion, damaged knee joint.

Required treatment

Reconstructive and restorative treatment of the left proximal tibia using cellular technology.

Failure to conduct timely treatment using stem cell technology, the fighter is threatened with amputation because of dysfunction of his foot.

Cost of treatmen: 505 665 UAH
Medical Center discount: 36,32%
Special Price: 321 987 UAH

List of services included in the treatment:
Diagnosis and examination: 3405 UAH
Surface preparation: 42802 UAH
Collection of material production and preparation of cellular material carrie: 195393 UAH
Treatment of tibia defect: 12890 UAH
Drug and post surgical care: 67497 UAH

More about the patient

Vasil, a soldier in the 24th Mechanized Brigade, was injured on August 20 when Ukrainian soldiers were entrapped by the enemy: separatists attacked a checkpoint and retreated – it was a diversion. Meanwhile, another group of terrorists went behind the checkpoint and began mortar fire.

The wounded soldier was taken to Lutugyne. Later he was hospitalized in Kharkiv, Zhytomyr and Lviv. In these five months of hospitalization Vasil underwent a series of operations that had no effect. There was even some infection. Now an external fixation device keeps the knee joint fixed, and some areas of shin-bone have healed incorrectly. Vasil’s case requires faster action from doctors – to fix the bone, substitute tissue loss with Vasil’s own cell-tissue material and save the joint.


Vasil was mobilized for duty in the ATO zone in June last year. He participated in the liberation of the city of Popasna (Lugansk region), and defended the position of Ukrainian troops at many checkpoints in the Lugansk and Donetsk regions.
Vasil was born and raised in Lviv, in the village of Streptiv, in the Kamyanka-Bug region, where his parents are waiting for him. In peacetime, he worked at a local private сompany specializing in growing champignon mushrooms.
Vasil also took an active part in Euromaidan in Kyiv, where he spent almost all last winter.
Let’s help this patriot and true hero!

Vasil’s proximal tibia injury is the most difficult leg injury that our project healed so far. As soon as possible the support ability of the knee joint has to be restored and correct defect. A 3-5 stages of treatment has to be held, perhaps it will be several operations. Treatment can last 3 months.

The treatment in the medical centre completed


 Vasil  actively loads his leg

 Vasil  underwent the removal of apparatus from shin


The device was dismantled, and following the recommendations of the doctors the fighter is starting to place a certain load on his knee

Second X-ray


At the moment the place of the tibia bone defect shows recovery of the tibia bone tissue

First X-ray


1.5 months after the basic surgery in the place of the tibia defect the formation of new bone tissue can be observed.

Postoperative care


Postoperative follow-up and care

The main stage surgical treatment


In the area of defect of Vasyl’s right tibia autologous mesenchymal stromal 3-dimensional shap osteo progenitor material based on bone chips in volume of140 cm³ was introduced.

X-ray image after the first stage of the operation


The X-rays image was taken, where you can see the results of the first stage of treatment – aligned axis of the tibia

Postoperative follow-up and care


Postoperative follow-up and care

Surgery performed and cellular material collected


The first operations:
1) removal of the core system;
2) examination of the bone tissue defect area;
3) preparation of the recipient bed for replacing of the defect area;
4) osteotomy of the splint bone and shinbone;
5) extra-focal intraosseous osteosynthesis “thigh bone – lower leg”;
6) sampling of cell material from the shinbone and the spinal cord of the ilium.




Chronology of treatment

Control checks

June – October of 2015

control checks and observations, observations for the results of the bone restoring process

Apparatus removal

July of 2015

the apparatus was removed, the fighter continues to actively work up his leg and he is returning to normal life

2nd Stage of treatment

April of 2015

displacement of the shin-bone defect with the insertion of the 3D-gel with the chips of osteoplastic material with the autologous stem cells 140 cm3 in volume

1st Stage of treatment

February of 2015

• Cellular material sampling of the red bone marrow from the ilium and a fragment of the periosteum of the calf-bone
• stripping of the apparatus of external fixation
• preparation of the recipient bed, removal of dead cells of the bone
• external fixation using the Ilizarov apparatus in order to fix the axe of the shin-bone

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