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Maksim, 37 years old, Zaporizhzhia city

injured near the town of Dymytriv (femur with varus deformation)

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Maksim, 37 years old, Zaporizhzhia city

injured near the town of Dymytriv (femur with varus deformation)


Petro, 25 years old, military man from the 80th Separate airmobile brigade, injured in the village of Pisky, Donetsk region.


Consequences of a gunshot wound of the left leg, non-union of the multi-fragmentary fracture of the tibia at the level of the middle and lower third with anti-curvature deformity, combined contracture of the ankle joint. Shortening of the left lower extremity to 3 cm.

Course of injury in the event of non-treatment: Within six months after the completion of the treatment, the fusion of the tibia does not occur, the ankle joint does not work. The leg has no support ability and shortened to 3 cm. Failure to treat will lead to disability, and due to uneven load on the legs, problems with the spine will begin soon.

Necessary treatment: reconstructive and rehabilitation treatment of the left tibia.


Cost of treatment with a discount of the medical center -30 %: UAH 67 721.95


Detailed cost of diagnosis and treatment:

  1. Examination during treatment (therapy, orthopedics) – UAH 1 468
  2. Anesthesia (15% discount) – UAH 4 833.95
  3. Reconstructive and rehabilitation in-patient, 7 days, 2 operations (discount 34%) – UAH 52 640
  4. Operational and medical supplies – UAH 7 240
  5. Meals, 7 days – UAH 1 540


More about the injured:


Maksim is a serviceman from the 93rd Separate mechanized brigade. On 06.12.2014 he was injured in an accident in the ATO area – during a change on a mobile checkpoint in the town of Dymytriv, Donetsk region he was hit by car.

He was treated in several military hospitals throughout the year. He underwent 5 operations on the leg, among which open repositioning of bone fragments and metal osteosynthesis of fracture with blocked Chm nail. The fracture of the thigh got fused, but the joint remained non-functional – due to improper fusion of the bone. The leg does not bend in the knee. No one can treat the soldier.

Odessa volunteer Olga Dombrovska, who cares for the hero from the very beginning of treatment at the hospital, referred him to the social project “Biotech -rehabilitation of the injured”. The hero’s trauma is extremely hard. The situation is complicated due to the consequences of numerous interventions in the knee joint. Treatment will be difficult. Now it is necessary to carry out the first stage – to eliminate the deformity of the thigh using the method of Ilizarov, after which the second stage will be assigned – the treatment of the knee joint.

Maksim lives in Zaporizhzhia. He has a wife, parents. Previously he worked as a head of the labor protection group at a local enterprise. In the spring of 2014, he was mobilized for military service, and in the summer of that year his brigade went to the front. He participated in the defense of Donetsk airport and adjoining territories, the liberation of the town of Debaltseve in July 2014

Let’s help put the defender of Ukraine on the legs!



 Stages  Stage 1 Stage 2
Cost items 5 days of in-patient treatment:
1 Examination,
2 Preoperative preparation
3 Spinal anesthesia
4 Osteotomy of the femur,
5.Osteosynthesis of the femur
2 days of in-patient treatment:
1 Examination,
2 Preoperative preparation
3 Intravenous anesthesia
4 Apparatus removal;
5.Extremity immobilization
Costs, UAH 60 910,45 6 811,5


Chronology of treatment

Stage 1

June of 2018

• Osteotomy of the femur
• ПЧКО of the shin

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