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Total required 110969 UAH

Kostiantyn, 40 years old, Dnipro

injured in the ATO zone (hernias of the spinal disk)

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Kostiantyn, 40 years old, Dnipro

injured in the ATO zone (hernias of the spinal disk)


Kostiantyn, 40 years old, a soldier of 93 Separate mechanized brigade, injured while performing combat missions in the ATO zone.


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Osteochondrosis of the cervical spine, complicated by protrusions and hernias of the spinal disk, vertebrogenic myelopathy. Light tetraparesis.


Course of injury in case of non-use of cell technologies: The soldier feels severe pain in the cervical spine, and through the compression of the spinal cord, the motor function of the limbs (tetraparesis) is disturbed .If treatment is not performed, it is possible to lose motor function of the hands and feet. An alternative offered by doctors and hospitals is the installation of metal structures that make the neck immovable.


Necessary treatment: removal of intervertebral hernias with the help of cellular technologies


The cost of treatment with a discount of the medical center -47%: 110 969,5 UAH


Detailed cost of diagnosis and treatment:

  1. Examination – 6 498 UAH
  2. Sampling of cell material (punch-biopsy), and in-patient treatment (with a discount of 40%) – 17 271.5 UAH
  3. Allogenic MSC from adipose tissue, 40 million (with a discount of 50%) – 20 000 UAH.
  4. Stem cells, derivatives of the nerve crest, 80 million (with a discount of 50%) – 67 200 UAH.

More information about the injured soldier


Kostiantyn is a soldier of the 3rd Battalion 93 Separate mechanized brigade, in which he fought for three years – from spring 2014 to spring 2017. Participated in the liberation of Debaltsevo, in the battles near Gorlovka and Yasynovate. During the year he performed combat missions near the village Pisky.

In the spring of 2017, when the Kostiantyn’s battalion was near the village Krymske, the soldier had the first complaints about health – rapid fatigability, discomfort in the neck area. The state of health was getting worse – disorders of the hands and feet began, it was very difficult to walk. After the hospital examination, doctors diagnosed osteochondrosis of the cervical spine, which was complicated by hernias, due to prolonged (for three years) wearing military equipment. The hospital offered Kostiantyn to install metal structures on the neck, which would make the neck immovable.

The acquaintances advised the hero to refer for help to the project “Biotech-rehabilitation of the injured”, where it is possible to eliminate hernia without operations and implantation – due to regeneration using biotechnologies.

Kostiantyn was born and raised in Dnipro, where he now lives with his wife. Before the war, he worked for a long time in construction. Ever had an interesting hobby – a collection of motorcycles. In the beginning of spring 2014, he started volunteering – helping the soldiers in difficult times. Then he decided to go voluntarily to the front, but at the same time it was a summons, and Kostiantyn joined the first wave of mobilization.

Now the future of the hero – under a big question because of health problems. But he does not lose hope, dreams of living happily, to raise children.

Let’s help Kostiantyn together!

Chronology of treatment

3d Stage of treatment

May of 2018

2nd Stage of treatment

November of 2017

Paravertebral injection of cell-derived of neural crest

1nd Stage of treatment

September of 2017

Cellular material sampling

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