UAH donated 140 persons

Total required 149309 UAH

Ivan, 37 years, Novoazovsk district

proximal midleg missile wound, lower midleg missile wound, heel bone fracture

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Ivan, 37 years, Novoazovsk district

proximal midleg missile wound, lower midleg missile wound, heel bone fracture



Ivan, 37 years, Lebedinsk village (Novoazovsk district).


Severe injury of both legs – proximal midleg missile wound, lower midleg missile wound, heel bone fracture.

Treatment required

Operative treatment using cellular technology to restore bones and support ability of legs.

Cost of treatment

ВCost of treatment (examinations, surgery, operative and postoperative support, medication): 252 750 UAH.

Medical Center discount: 41%

Special price: 149 309 UAH.

Patient detailed information

The young man, Ivan, whose beloved wife was taken away by war that almost took away his life, require complex treatment that will save his fate.

In the morning as of 05.09.14 Mariupol outskirts have suffered once again a military strike. As a result was dsc_0011affected the peaceful settlement Lebedinsk, where Ivan’s family live. The missile hit the yard and exploded about a meter from the summer building, where the husband and wife were staying. His wife died immediately, and Ivan received numerous missile wounds, open and closed fractures and head trauma.

The severity of injury poses a threat of Ivan’s disability and inability to step on the right foot, in addition, there is a very high probability of amputation. But using Ilaya Medical Centre technologies will allow almost complete heel bone restoring, preserving the limb and returning Ivan the ability to walk.

Currently the man stays in the hospital, but heeling the injuries and their consequences using traditional treatment will be difficult, but Ilaya Medical Centre physicians are ready to admit Ivan to treatment using cellular technology.

His father, brothers and sister are waiting for him at home. In peacetime, man works in the field of agriculture as a tractor operator. Time will pass away and peace will return back to our land and we will do our best to bring back Ivan opportunity to walk across a peaceful land.

Second X-ray


Picture of left leg, where the substitution of bone defect up to 3 cm using cell-tissue material was made.

Ivan underwent the removal of apparatus from shin


Ivan underwent the removal of apparatus from shin, fighter actively loads his leg

First X-ray


It is showed in an X-ray made 1.5 months after the main stage of treatment. According to the doctors of the ilaya medical center, the X-ray showed the fracture healing and active fusion of the administered autologous cell and tissue material with Ivan’s bone.

First X-ray


Оn the picture of right tibia there can be seen active fracture healing.

Hospital treatment completed


On the 26th of January Ivan went home for recovery under the supervision of doctors -orthopedists.

Main surgery


Introduction of autologous cell-tissue material in place of tibial bone defects.



Examination and preparation for operation



X-ray of the right and left shins was made. The picture was designated with the places of the planned introduction of the cell-tissue material.

Second operation on the right shin


18.11.2014 the second surgery is conducted – the open fracture reposition of the lower third of the right tibia, metal osteosynthesis using the plate of LCP type.

First operation on the right shin


11.11.2014 the third surgery is conducted – the open reposition of the distal surface of the upper third of the right tibia, metal osteosynthesis using the plate of LCP type.

Surgery and material collection


06.11.2014 first surgery performed (left lower leg axis alignment and device dismantling on the right lower leg) and cellular material collection for transplant preparation.

Preparing for material collection


Examination and preparation for material collection to be performed 06.11.2014


05.11.2014 – examination

06.11.2014 – material collection and surgery

11.11.2014 – surgery

14.11.2014 – X-ray

From 17.11.2014 – preparing for the next surgery

Chronology of treatment

Control checks

February- May of 2015

Control checks and examinations, observations over the results of the bone restoration

2 Stage of treatment

January of 2015

Insertion of 3D-gel with the chips of osteoplastic material and autologous stem cells into the place of both shin-bones defects

1 Stage of treatment

November of 2014

• Cellular material sampling of the red bone marrow from the iliac wing and the fragment of periosteum of the calf-bone
• reinstallation of apparatus, reposition of the fragments of the left shin-bone
• reposition of the right shin-bone, osteosynthesis

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