UAH donated 203 persons

Total required 346551 UAH

Dmytro, 25 years old, Rivne region

injured in Luhansk Airport (shortening of the femur by 3.5 cm.)

Help, support...

Dmytro, 25 years old, Rivne region

injured in Luhansk Airport (shortening of the femur by 3.5 cm.)



Dmytro, 25 years old, soldier of the 80th SMBr, injured in Luhansk Airport


Consequences of gunshot wound of the left thigh, shortening of the femur by 3.5 cm.

Course of injury in the case of not using cellular technologies: Threat of disability through shortening of the leg to 4 cm. In addition to dysfunction of limbs and permanent back pain problem eventually leads to curvature of the spine.

Required treatment: reconstructive- restorative treatment of hip that helps restore bone length and bone and return complete leg function.

The cost of treatment with a discount of the medical center 39%: UAH 344 251

Detalization of costs for diagnosis and treatment:

  1. Examination andconsulting of specialists(orthopedics, bioinsurance) – 12 050
  2. Collection ofcellular material, manufacturing of 140 million of cells andcellcarrier (with 40% discount) -104 000
  3. Surgical treatment ofthreedefects(discount40%) -201 648

More information about the injured:

Dmytro is a paratrooper, soldier of the 80th SMBr (Lviv). He was wounded on July 21, 2014 near Lugansk airport – during the liberation of the village Horhiyivka. Dmytro received a bullet in the thigh and contusion, and many of his fellows were killed.

First aid was given to the soldier in the dispensary airport, and then he was transported to the town of Shchastia. Subsequently soldier was treated in hospitals in Kharkiv and Lviv – he underwent five operations on his leg, and in the fracture site there was fixed an orthopedic nail. As for the further recovery of bone in hospitals no recommendations were provided to Dmytro.

When Lviv volunteers learned about the opportunity to restore length of the bone using their own cells, they immediately asked for help of the “Biotech-Rehabilitation of Injured People”. After examination of the soldier, the doctor recommended a soldier to remove the nail as the bone has fused and then start treatment within the project. Now nail has been removed, and doctors are ready to start treatment.

Dmytro was born in the town Dubrovytsia (Rivne region). Before the war he has lived in Ukraine since 2013 he has been serving in the Armed Forces of Ukraine on the contract. Among his hobbies are martial arts. In particular, Dmytro was actively engaged in the section of wrestling.

Dmytro has joined the ATO in April 2014. He first liberated Slovyansk and later his unit moved to the Lugansk airport.

At home the hero’s family is waiting for him – father, mother and brother.

Let’s save Dmytro from disability together!

Chronology of treatment


May of 2017

Fighter actively developed leg and returned to normal life

Control checks

May of 2016 - April of 2018

control checks and tests, observations over the results of the bone restoration

Plate removal

April of 2017

metallic plate was removed from the restored bone

Removing the device

June of 2016

removal of external fixators renewable femur

2 Stage of treatment

March of 2016

• thigh stretching
• insertion of 3D-gel and block of osteoplastic material with autologous stem cells into the place of thighbone defect.

1 Stage of treatment

January of 2015

Cellular material sampling of the red bone marrow from the iliac wing and the fragment of periosteum of the calf-bone

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