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Dmytro, 19 years old, Kherson region

injured near Vodiane (defect of the of the shoulder bone)

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Dmytro, 19 years old, Kherson region

injured near Vodiane (defect of the of the shoulder bone)


Dmytro, 19 years old, soldier 36 of the Separate Naval Infantry Brigade, injured near Vodiane village


left arm, consequences of bullet wound area of the left shoulder joint:
• defect of the head of the upper third of the left shoulder bone,
• defect of a beak-like appendix of a shoulder blade,
• tendon defect
• multiple debrides in soft tissues.


The course of injury in the event of non-use of cell technologies: The soldiers has significant defects in the bones forming the shoulder joint, which can be recovered qualitatively only by means of biotechnologies. Otherwise – the soldier would have had non-functionality of the shoulder joint. The generally accepted methods of treatment in such cases involve replacing the joint with an artificial or joint arthrodesis. In both cases, this is a sharp restriction in movement and disability.


Required treatment: reconstructive and regenerative treatment of shoulder joint with the use of biotechnologies.


Cost of treatment with a discount of the medical center -42%: UAH 674 440.25


Detailed cost for diagnostics and treatment:

1. Examination during treatment (therapy, orthopedics, bio-insurance) – 12 680 UAH
2. Sampling a fragment of tibia and red bone marrow (at a discount of 40%) – UAH 15 802.5
3. Endothelial cells, 60 million cells (with a discount of 50%) – 42 525 UAH.
4. Periosteal cells, 60 million (with a discount of 50%) – 42 525 UAH.
5. MSCs from bone marrow, 300 million (with a discount of 50%) – 189 750 UAH.
6. Bone block (humeral head), custom made (with a discount of 40%) – 18 000 UAH.
7. Tendons carrier (20 cm + 15 cm), custom made (with a discount of 40%) – 60 000 UAH.
8. Bone chips (with a discount of 40%) – 20 160 UAH.
9. Anesthesia (with a discount of 15%) – 17 000 UAH.
10. Medical and operational support – 41 918 UAH.
11. Reconstructive and restorative treatment in the hospital (with a discount of 40%) – UAH 214,079.75


More information about the wounded


Dmytro is a serviceman of the 36th Separate Naval Infantry Brigade (Mykolaiiv town). He was injured on May 14, 2017, during a combat task near Vodiane village. During the hostile firing the hero’s shoulder was shot with a shell bullet, which actually destroyed the joint and significantly damaged the soft tissues of vital vessels. Dmytro lost a lot of blood, but barely remained alive.

After stabilizing the general condition, Dmytro was taken to the Kharkiv hospital for treatment, and then to the Kyiv one. In the hospitals, his with soft tissues were treated using plastic surgery. Now the wound is actually closed, but to recover the bones and make the joints as functional as possible – generally accepted medicine has no possibilities. Similar cases are a direct demonstration of the use of biotechnology.

Dmytro was born and raised in Bilozerskyi district of Kherson region. He has parents and sister. Previously, he worked as a builder and was fond of a freestyle wrestling. After his 18th birthday, he decided to go to the Armed Forces of Ukraine for a contract service. He has chosen Naval Infantry. During the participation in the ATO, Dmytro’s brigade deployed near the line of demarcation on the Mariupol direction.

36 Separate Naval Infantry Brigade is one of the military units, which regularly helps the “People’s project” with equipment and technical devices. And immediately after the injure Dmytro’s brothers referred to the project for assistance, in order to save the hand to the young boy.

Let’s help the hero together!


Costs for Dmitrо Churar’s treatment in stages

11.2017 12.2017 03.2019


14 days of inpatient treatment, 2 operations:
2.Preoperative preparation,
3.Endotracheal anesthesia
4.Wound examination
5 Adaptive bone resection.
6.Cells sampling
7.Prereoperative preparation,
8.Endotracheal anesthesia
9 Formation of a reciprocal bed,
10 Methylmethacrylate cemenum with gentamicin
Cell preparation:
1 Endothelial 60 million,
2 Periodic 60 million
3 MSCs from bone marrow 300 million,
4.Bone blocks (humeral head)
5.Bone chips,
6 Tendon carriers (20 cm + 15 cm).
14 days of inpatient treatment:
1. Examination,
2.Preoperative preparation
3 Endotracheal anesthesia
4.Formation of the recipient bed,
5 Cell-tissue material transplantation
6.Osteosynthesis with plates
7. Shoulder suspension.
7 days of inpatient treatment:
1. Examination,
2.Preoperative preparation
3 Endotracheal anesthesia
4 Dismantling of plates,
5 Transplantation of tendons.
130 794,25 372 960 108 190 62 496



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