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Total required 235414 UAH

Bohdan, 25 years old, Lvіv region

Wounded in Piski (nonunion of crushed bone of the radius with tangential defect)

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Bohdan, 25 years old, Lvіv region

Wounded in Piski (nonunion of crushed bone of the radius with tangential defect)



Bohdan, 25 years, volunteer of 93d separate mechanized brigade was wounded near Pisky village.


Left hand: nonunion of crushed bone of the left radius on the edge of the proximal upper third with tangential defect.4

The course of injury in the event of non-use of cellular technologies: more than two months, the bone union has not being happened because of a defect in bone tissue. In the case of non-application of cellular technologies the soldier is threatened disability due to loss of hand. function

Required treatment: Reconstructive and restorative treatment of radius fracture using biotechnology

Cost of treatment with Medical Center discount 36%: 263 998,5 UAH

Detailed costs for diagnosis and treatment:

  1. Examination and expert advice for treatment (study of cells, blood, urine, control X-rays, EKG, etc.) – 9900 UAH
  2. Fence fragment of the fibula bone marrow and red (discount 40%) – 16 350 UAH
  3. Periosteal cells 20 million (discount 30%) – 54 600 UAH.
  4. MSCs from bone marrow, 50 million (30% discount) – 28 000 UAH.
  5. The total cost of reconstructive and restorative treatment (40% discount) – 126 564 UAH.

More about wounded

Bohdan – is a volunteer of 93d separate mechanized brigade He has been wounded on December 1, 2015 near Pisky village. That day Andrii and his blood brother trapped into a trip wire – his blood brother died and Bohdan got shrapnel injuries of hands and eye.

After first aid treatment the soldier was taken to Dnipropetrovsk, where his eye was treated. Then he treated soft tissue of hands in Odessa. Bohdan was not performed any fracture treatment.

Богдан мешкає у Бродівському районі Львівщини. До війни працював редактором в одній районних газет. Захоплюється мотоциклами – навіть під час АТО зібрав кілька мотоциклів у Пісках. Напочатку війни Богдан не зміг залишатися осторонь та пішов до військомату, але через те, що він не служив в Армії, йому відмовили у мобілізації. Тоді хлопець він пішов добровольцем в «Азов». Згодом частина «Азову» разом з Богданом влилася у 93 бригаду. В АТО Богдан провів майже рік. Майже весь цей час виконував бойові завдання біля с. Піски.

Допоможемо герою швидше відновити руку та повернутися до повноцінного життя!

Chronology of treatment

Plate removal

December of 2016

metallic plate was removed from the restored bone, remove the three shell fragments

Control checks

June-September of 2016

control checks and tests, observations over the results of the bone restoration

2 Stage of treatment

April of 2016

replacement of the defect of the bone with the use of 3D-gel with the chips of osteoplastic material and autologous stem cells

1 Stage of treatment

March of 2016

Cellular material sampling of the red bone marrow from the iliac wing and the fragment of periosteum of the calf-bone

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