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Total required 371864 UAH

Bohdan, 22 years old, Dnipropetrovsk region

wounded near the Popasna (perforated defect of the shin bone, pain syndrome)

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Bohdan, 22 years old, Dnipropetrovsk region

wounded near the Popasna (perforated defect of the shin bone, pain syndrome)



Bohdan, 22 years old, soldier of the 17th Separate Mechanized Brigade (54th Separate Mechanized Brigade), wounded near the Popasna.


Left leg: perforated defect of the left shin bone on the line of the middle lower third, pain syndrome???????????????????????????????


Development of injury in case of failure to apply cellular technology: Bohdan got wounded a year and a half later, undergone several operations. And despite of the fact that the bone has partially united, there is a great hole in the bone – perforated defect, due to which the bone remains fragile and movements cause severe pain. The soldier is unable to load his leg completely. It is impossible for the body to restore such defects of the soft tissue; that is why the bone may get fractured any time or deformed, which will cause disability.


Required treatment: reconstructive and restorative treatment of the shin bone using cellular technologies, which will help to return the leg`s full functionality.


Cost of treatment including a discount from the medical center 33%: 371 864 UAH


Detailed information about costs required for diagnostics and treatment:

  1. Examination during treatment (therapy, orthopedy, bioinsurance) – 21 360 UAH
  2. Sampling of fragment of the shin bone and red bone marrow (less discount of 40%) – 18 060 UAH
  3. Intraepithelial cells, 40 million cells (less discount of 30%) – 32 000 UAH.
  4. Periosteal cells, 40 million cells (less discount of 30%) – 32 000 UAH.
  5. Mezenchymal stem cells from the bone marrow, 120 million (less discount of 30%) – 78 500 UAH.
  6. Anesthesia (less discount of 15%) – 3 349 UAH
  7. Reconstructive and restorative treatment at hospital (less discount of 40%) – 154 668 UAH

More information about the wounded

Bohdan is the soldier of the 17th Separate Mechanized Brigade (Artemivsk). He got wounded near the village of Popasna on December 03, 2014 during mortaring from the side of separatists. After that he was treated in Kharkiv and Odesa. Olha Dombrovska, a volunteer from Odesa, advised him to request help from the “Biotech rehabilitation of the injured” project.

Bohdan is a citizen of Kryvyi Rih. He was a student before the war. His hobby is painting. Also he was engaged in athletics. He is a contract soldier; he started his service in 2013 after being called up for military service. In April 2014 he joined the ATO. Since that time he visited a lot of flash points including the ‘Ilovaisk trap’. He was lucky to avoid any injuries then.

Currently, the guy wants to establish his health, go back to the native city, start a family and live a happy and peaceful life! Let`s help the hero together!

Chronology of treatment


August of 2017

Fighter actively developed leg and returned to normal life

Control checks

May-July of 2017

control checks and tests, observations over the results of the bone restoration

3 Stage of treatment

April of 2017

insertion of 3D-gel with the chips of osteoplastic material and autologous stem cells into the places of bones defect

2 Stage of treatment

February of 2017

Оperation in order to form recipient bed – required for further application of cellular technology

1 Stage of treatment

September-November of 2016

• Cellular material sampling of the red bone marrow from the iliac wing and the fragment of periosteum of the calf-bone
• plastics of scar defect of the soft tissues, defect of the shin with the use of advanced flap

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