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Total required 348360 UAH

Andrii, 41 years old, Kyiv region

wounded near Izvaryno (nonunion of the fracture on the tibia)

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Andrii, 41 years old, Kyiv region

wounded near Izvaryno (nonunion of the fracture on the tibia)



Andrii, 41 years old, the volunteer of the 72th Separate Mechanized Brigade, wounded near Izvaryno


The left leg: consequences of blast missile injury. Gunshot osteomyelitis of the left tibia. Formation of bone traction regenerate of the tibia. Nonunion of the fracture on the edge of the mid and lower third of the tibia with varus deformity.

Development of the injury in case of failure to apply cellular technologies: A year and a half has passed, but the soldier still has ununited fracture of the shin and constant inflammatory processes in the site of the injury. If not stopped this process may cause disability or, at the worst, amputation. Cellular technologies will help to restore lost fragment of the bone and return leg`s support ability.

Required treatment: reconstructive and restorative treatment of the shin bone fracture using biotechnologies.

Cost of the treatment including medical centre discount in the amount of 35% discount: 354 064 UAH

Detailed information about costs for diagnostics and treatment:

  1. Examination and specialize medical consultation (orthopedics, bioinsurance)– 10 120 UAH
  2. Sampling of fragment of the fibula and red bone marrow (less discount of 40%) – 16 350 UAH
  3. Intraepithelial cells, 20 millions of cells (less discount of 30%) – 42 000 UAH.
  4. Periosteal cells, 20 million of cells (less discount of 30%) – 42 000 UAH.
  5. Multipotent stem cells from the red marrow, 120 million (less discount of 30%) – 75 000 UAH.
  6. Total cost of reconstructive and restorative treatment (less discount of 40%) – 168 594 UAH.

More about wounded

Andrii is the soldier of the 72th Separate Mechanized Brigade. He got wound on July 12, 2014 near Izvaryno, when positions of Ukrainian military forces were shelled. Andrii got numerous missile injuries of the leg, hand and the abdomen.

Introduction of infection caused osteomyelitis which has been destroying Andrii`s shin bones causing complications in the leg soft tissues for a year and a half. He has undergone about 20 great operations in hospitals, but still no union of the bone can be observed.

Andrii is a resident of Kyiv region. In peace time worked as a guardian, but in spring 2014 he couldn’t stay on the sidelines while his country is in danger. In ATO zone Andrii`s brigade was closing the borders from Mariupol to Luhansk region.

Besides, Andrii’s younger son also took part in military operations in the East. Together with his younger son elder son, daughter, wife and 7 year old grandson are waiting for him at home! Andrii often recalls the peaceful time, his hobby – fishing and wants to recover as quickly as possible to come back to his great family, keep the house and bring the grandson up!

Let`s help the hero to overcome severe injury together!

Chronology of treatment

Control checks

May - Novemver of 2016

control checks and tests, observations over the results of the bone restoration

Apparatus removal

August of 2016

Ilizarov apparatus removal, bandage deposition

2 Stage of treatment

March of 2016

replacement of the shin-bone defect with the use of 3D-gel with the chips of osteoplastic material and autologous stem cells

1 Stage of treatment

January of 2016

• Cellular material sampling of the red bone marrow from the iliac wing and the fragment of periosteum of the calf-bone
• removal of dead parts of the bone and soft tissues
• apparatus reinstallation

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