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Total required 231421 UAH

Andriy, 40 years, Rivne Region

injured near Hranitne (arthropathy deformans, cystic degeneration)

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Andriy, 40 years, Rivne Region

injured near Hranitne (arthropathy deformans, cystic degeneration)



Andriy, 40 years, a soldier of the MFU “Horin” battalion,  injured near Hranitne Village


Right leg: acetabular roof cystic degeneration of the right hip joint with severe pain syndrome.???????????????????????????????

In case of failure to apply cellular technology there is only one alternative – prosthetics. Such a perspective is absolutely unacceptable by the soldier, because the prosthesis significantly impairs the quality of life.

Required treatment

Reconstructive and restorative treatment of hip joint using cellular technology.

Cost of treatment

Cost of treatment: UAH 304 570
Medical Centre discount: 39.49%
Special Price: UAH 184 291

New price  (23.11.2015) UAH 231 421

The list of services included into treatment:
Diagnosis and examination: UAH 4055
Preliminary operations: UAH 11900 UAH
Sampling and cellular material production: UAH 110 256
Bone defect treatment: UAH 58 080

November, 2015 additional operation using osteosynthesis, control X-ray examinations – 47 130 UAH

Information about wounded patient

Andriy is a volunteer of the 2nd  Battalion “Horyn” at Rivne Region Territorial Defence of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. In the ATO area he was on duty at the checkpoints, accompanied and guarded the multiple launch rocket systems, “Spot U” missile systems.

In August 2014 during Hranite Village bombardment he jumped into the dugout and through complete outfit (over 12 kg) was injured into hip joint – the signs were evident of congenital hip joints disease (arthropathy deformans). Andriy experienced severe pain but did not attach any importance to it and continued actively participate in military operations. The soldier was provided  with aid about a week later  in Rivne hospital. After a few injections the soldier felt  better for a while and then experienced severe pain again.

Currently, the  hospital physicians propose to Andriy prosthesis, but he doesn’t accept it and is seeking for a way to maintain own bones and joints. The volunteers advised him to apply to the  medical centre ilaya and physicians  have promised to implement all possibilities of the innovative cell technologies in traumatology and orthopedics field to heal the hero.

Andriy is a native of Kirovske in Donetsk Region and he considers Rivne Region his second homeland, where he has lived for 18 years in the Nova Ukraiinka Village with his wife Tetiana, 18-year-old son Oleksandr  and 9-year-old daughter Alina.

In peacetime Andriy served under contract, then worked as a driver. In 2013 he was an active participant of Euromaidan and AutoMaidan and joined the ATO in July 2014.  Today, despite his disease he uses all the possibilities to assist military staff – is engaged in volunteering as part of “Ruievit” Foundation.

In this story Andriy tells about his views,  life of his parents in the occupied territories and situation at the front. He wants to return to his fellows and in case his health prevents him in it – will devote himself to volunteer activities




New X-ray picture of the joint showed successful restoration of the bone tissue after bio technologies appliance. In particular, new X-ray picture shows bone tissue formation in the area of cotyloid cavity and union of fracture of the greater trochanter. Next X-ray picture is scheduled in 1,5 months.

Postoperative care


Andrey will undergo remote recovery under medical supervision

Surgery with the use of biotechnology


Was made basic surgery – autologous cell-tissue material was injected into a hand cavity of the acetabulum



Examination prior basic treatment stage

Postoperative follow-up and care


Postoperative follow-up and care



Oleg underwent complicated surgery on collarbone using autologous cell-tissue materialу




Chronology of treatment

Removal of structures

April of 2016

metallic structures was removed from the restored bone

Control checks

July- November of 2015

control checks and observations according to the results of the bone restoring

2nd Stage of treatment

June of 2015

insertion of the 3D-gel with the chips of osteoplastic material with the autologous stem cells into the cavity of the acetabulum

1st Stage of treatment

April of 2015

Cellular material sampling of the red bone marrow from the ilium and a fragment of the periosteum of the calf-bone

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