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Oleksandra, 26 years old, Mariupol

ATO out-migrant (long-term non-union fracture of the left femur)

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Oleksandra, 26 years old, Mariupol

ATO out-migrant (long-term non-union fracture of the left femur)



Oleksandra, 26, ATO out-migrant


long-term non-union fracture of the left femur, limb shortening by 4 cm

Consequences of trauma if no cellular technologies applied

In June 2014, immediately after the car accident Oleksandra had the orthopedic nail implanted into femur. However, no union occurred within a year and her leg hurts and is maintained only on the metal structure. At any time during exercise stress the structure can break out causing the need for re-operation, but this time with the bone defect. In addition, the limb shortening by 4 cm will eventually cause the curvature of the spine.

Treatment required

Reconstructive and restorative treatment of femur fracture in two stages, which will help to restore the bone quickly at the natural length

Medical Center’s discount: 40.04%
Special Price: UAH 331 930

The list of expenses required for treatment:DSC_0109

1st stage of operation

  • Diagnostics and examination UAH 4055
  • Collection of fibula bone and bone marrow specimen UAH 12.000
  • Production of cell-tissue material UAH 94.000
  • Drug provision and hospital stay UAH 18.755

2nd stage of operation

  • Removing the plate UAH 8500
  • Adaptive bone resection UAH 9000
  • Formation of the recipient bed UAH 12000
  • Administration of cell-tissue material UAH 11000
  • Osteosynthesis of bone using plate UAH 22,020
  • Drug provision and hospital stay UAH 71,010

More information about the patient

Oleksandra suffered the femur fracture in a car accident. In June 2014 the woman was driving in a taxi to her work in Donetsk, when the car collision with oncoming vehicle occurred.

Treatment was carried out in the Starobeshevo City Hospital where the woman lived at that time – Oleksandra had the orthopedic nail implanted into femur. She underwent two major operations, a year lapsed since the time of injury but the woman’s hip remains ununited, in addition the limb became 4 cm shorter.

Oleksandra now lives in Mariupol – after the beginning of ATO active phase she left her hometown and transferred from Donetsk Administration of MIA to Mariupol Administration where she works now. Woman has to rent an apartment, because she cannot afford even the traditional methods of treatment, which is unlikely to help in her case.

Coordinators of the “Biotech-Rehabilitation of Wounded Persons” Social Project decided to admit Oleksandra for treatment because she is an out-migrant from the occupied territory and also experienced the severe consequences of war!


Postoperative care


Postoperative care in the medical centre



 Oleksandra  underwent complicated surgery on collarbone using autologous cell-tissue materialу

Treatment was started



Chronology of treatment

Control checks

March – August of 2016

control checks and tests, observations over the results of the bone restoration

2 Stage of treatment

January of 2016

replacement of femur defect with the use of 3D-gel and block with chips of osteoplastic material and autologous stem cells

1 Stage of treatment

October of 2015

Cellular material sampling of the red bone marrow from the iliac wing and the fragment of periosteum of the calf-bone

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