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Total required 182635 UAH

Dmytro, 25 years old, Ivano-Frankivsk

injured near Debaltsevo (extensive cicatricial ulcerative defect)

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Dmytro, 25 years old, Ivano-Frankivsk

injured near Debaltsevo (extensive cicatricial ulcerative defect)



Dmytro, 25 years old, a fighter of the 128th Mechanized Brigade, was injured near Debaltsevo.


the right leg – extensive cicatricial ulcerative defect of the right popliteal fossa.

The course of the trauma in case of treatment failure: Dmytro’s injury below the knee is has been healing and then reopening already for six months, Dmytro is obliged to constantly take immune-boosting medicine (now he is taking antivirals), as there is a large area that is not covered with skin. This scar does not let Dmytro move freely.


Required treatment: plastics of soft tissues.


The cost of treatment with the discount from the medical center of 39%: 77 316,5 UAH


ail information of the costs for diagnosis and treatment:

  1. Examination during treatment (therapy, orthopedics) – 2640 UAH
  2. Reconstructive and restorative treatment in hospital (with the discount of 40%) – 73 002 UAH
  3. Anesthesia (with the discount of 15%) – 1674.5 UAH

More about the wounded

Dmytro is the fighter of the 15th Battalion of the 128th Mechanised Brigade, who was injured on January 01, 2015 near Debaltsevo. During the transportation of the injured near the village of Ridkodub between the checkpoints, the fighters fell into an ambush and were fired from ORPG. 5 people were injured and one soldier was killed.

Dmytro was rendered assistance for 4 hours in the hospital of Artemivsk, where he stayed at night, and then he was treated in Kharkiv, and eventually sent to the Lviv. When treating the lower part of the body, many splinters were removed, dermanaplasty of the cicatricial ulcerative defect of the right popliteal fossa was performed, but the desired result was not achieved. Now the popliteal area has an injury and the skin breaks every time he walks.

Dmytro was mobilized in May 2014. He went to the ATO of the 5th Prykarpattia Battalion.

He lives in Kalush district, Ivano-Frankivsk region. He is the youngest son in the family. He helps mother in the household. Before the war, he was a master of repairs. He has a great hobby: sport. In particular, he was involved in many sports: football, basketball, volleyball, swimming. Now he wants to recover more quickly and create a family.

Let’s help Dmytro return to normal life sooner and be healthy and happy!


Chronology of treatment

Plastics of soft tissues

October-November of 2016

Plastics of scar defect of the soft tissues, defect of the shin with the use of advanced flap

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