Volunteer from the special battalion of the Ministry of Internal Affairs “Chernihiv” Oleksii finally managed to escape to Kiev and came to the examination!

X-ray examination showed restoration of the femur. Oleksii has long been walking without a stick. Now he is actively developing his leg, fully loading it. The next examination is scheduled for spring, when physicians decide, whether they will need to remove the metal structures from the leg. After all, they somehow prevent the muscles from moving.6

Oleksii was injured near Stanytsia Luhanska on February 23, 2015. He was treated with traditional methods for over a year, but due to improper matching of the bone fragments, his femur and tibia began to join incorrectly, which did not allow him to move freely.

In the winter of 2016 Oleksii was admitted to the social project “Biotech-rehabilitation of the injured” with the diagnosis: incorrect join of the fracture of the left femur with varus deformity and shortening of the thigh by 2 cm; improper join of the fracture of the right shin with a varus deformation for more than 20 degrees.

The first stage of the treatment of the soldier within the project was performed on April 19, 2016, when he was corrected the deformation of the right tibia and fixed the bone with a metal plate, and also sampled cellular material to restore the left femur. On July 27, 2016 physicians of the ilaya medical center performed an operation on the femoral bone during which a 3D-gel with osteoplastic material chips and autologous stem cells was injected into the place, which was fixed by a metal plate.

All necessary for Oleksii’s treatment funds in the amount of 349 260 UAH were collected by the Center of volunteers “People’s Project” thanks to contributions from concerned people and organizations from all over the world.

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