The Soldier of “AIDAR” Oleh visited the examination and showed the results of development of the leg!

In the near future, Oleh plans to go for rehab, so last Friday he came to the medical center to receive a doctor’s recommendations. After removing the plate, he developed his leg much better, has long been walking without a stick even for long distances! And the main thing – pay attention to the mood of the hero! The treatment was complicated and prolonged, now it’s a completely different person than then, during the first examination!

Oleh came to the project “Biotech-rehabilitation of the injured” after 6 months of treatment of bone injuries in public health care facilities. During this time, no restorative processes in the bones of the hands and feet were observed, because these lesions can not be cured by traditional methods. Oleh‘s Diagnosis: Humerus bone defect up to 12 cm, non-united fracture of the upper third of the thigh with a defect of up to 3 cm, varus deformation of the foot. All necessary for the treatment funds in the amount of UAH 552 906 was provided by Center of Volunteers  “People’s Project”

The treatment and recovery of a soldier took place according to the following scheme:
02.2015 – cell material sampling (red bone marrow from the iliac bone wing and fragment of bone marrow from the tibia)
04.2015 – removal of the apparatus of external fixation on the right shoulder bone, removal of bone fragments and adaptive resection .In place of bone defect, a block of osteoplastic material with autologous stem cells was introduced, which was fixed by a metal plate, removal of the external fixation apparatus on the right thigh . Spica cast was put on the leg.
05.2015 – Preparatory operation on the thigh – fistulsequestsectectomy with tamponade of the osteomyelitis cavity with a fragment of the gluteus muscle in order to overcome osteomyelitis and create better conditions for the introduction of cellular and tissue material. The bone is actively united.
10.2015 – Operation on the removal of varus deformation of the foot using the apparatus of Ilizarov. The soldier began to fully use his hand, which was recovered with the help of cell technologies.
02.2016 – removal of Ilizarov’s apparatus from the foot, hip extension, osteosynthesis and the use of the block and chips of the osteoplastic material with autologous stem cells to treat the non-united fracture and shortening of the femur. Fixation of the femur using a plate and an external fixation device. The soldier began to actively develop a foot.
04.2016 – removal of the apparatus of external fixation from the thigh.

11.2016 – removal of the plate from the humerus.
07.2017 – removal of the plate from the femur.





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