The soldier from the 93rd Separate mechanized brigade Oleksandr has passed a control examination! The soldier is recommended to increase the load on the leg – gradually abandon the sticks!

Oleksandr feels himself much better. After the additional plastic surgery performed in September 2017, the emissions from the leg which concerned the soldier has stopped for almost two and a half years.  In December, he was rehabilitated in Poland, where he actively developed his leg after treatment. And at home he is already walking without support.

Oleksandr one and a half year after the injury was treated in various hospitals in the winter of 2015, but the paternal bone defect, which did not recover independently, and persistent inflammatory processes at the place of injury remained unbearable – the soldier moved on crutches. It lasted more than a year and a half. Odessa volunteer Olha Dombrovska sent the soldier to our project.

Oleksandr’s treatment within the project was started in August 2016, when the sampling of material and the installation of the apparatus were completed. In October 2016, the soldier was performed a second stage of treatment, during which in the place of the tibia defect was injected the 3D gel with osteoplastic material chips and autologous stem cells. Gradually, the bone recovered, but the fistula still remained in the leg – because of the severe scar tissue degeneration of the shin the blood supply was very bad. After additional plastic surgery in 2017, the condition of the leg tissues improved significantly.

The expenses in the amount of 511,620 UAH, necessary for the treatment of the hero, were collected by the Center of volunteers “People’s Project”.



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