On February 26, 2018 Volodymyr visited the medical center for a control examination –already confidently on two legs, without a stick, as before. Freely goes up and down the stairs. He even does squats, although before the treatment he could not do this exercise – the knee fell out of the joint. And in truth, the “burning” sensation sometimes appears in the knee, however, according to the doctors, it is absolutely normal – after all, the active development of the joint continues after almost two years of hard restriction in the movements.

In the near future Volodymyr is planning to go to the military service under the contract – while he will serve in the military part not far from his village, because his eldest son now serves in the ATO, and Volodymyr have to keep a large family. And then he does not rule out his return to the front.

Volodymyr served on the frontline as a part of 43 Separate mechanized brigade. At the service, Volodymyr several times injured his knee when jumping in combat equipment. At first he did not pay much attention to knee pain, but in early March 2016, after falling during a regular fire, Volodymyr could no longer step on the leg.

He turned to a hospital near the place of service, from where he was sent to stationary admission.In the hospital, the hero was removed the plate from the thigh of the injured leg (the plate was, since ancient times – after treatment of a hip fracture).But during the removal of the plate, the screw broke and its piece remained in the leg .Due to the presence of a screw in the bone, the soldier was not performed an MRI examination and  he was discharged. Subsequently, the soldier was diagnosed with deforming arthrosis and prescribed an arthroscopic operation at his own expense, since such a problem is not considered to be a traumatic injury.

On the advice of friends, Volodymyr referred for help to the Medical company ilaya , where a cruciate ligament tear was discovered – an injury that no one paid attention to due to an imperfect examination. Doctors at the medical center are ready to help: primarily – to remove the screw and recover the ligament. After that, it will be possible to perform an MRI examination and conclude whether further joint treatment is needed.

The cost of treatment for a soldier made UAH 87,318. 70% of this amount were raised in social networks by a girl from Zakarpattia Myroslava Kovbashyn , who had undergone treatment at Medical company ilaya and was able to get up from a wheelchair without which she could not move earlier through an inborn illness. Another 30% of the cost of Volodymyr treatment were raised by the Center of volunteers “People’s Project” .

The first operation was performed on October18, 2017 – the doctors of medical center ilaya removed the screw from the femoral bone, which was in the bone after the old injury in 2011, and prevented the treatment of ligament injury. After that, they performed an MRI examination of the knee joint and on November 8, 2017 the hero was performed the second operation in order to recover the anterior cruciate ligament by means of autoplasty of the widest fascia of the thigh.




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